How Does Wrongful Imprisonment Happen?

As much as we wish the justice system in America was flawless, it is, unfortunately, not the case. Many people every year are wrongly imprisoned, and with the development of more advanced forensic technology, we are beginning to see just how serious this problem has been. But how does wrongful imprisonment happen? How does a judge and jury become convinced that someone completely innocent is in fact guilty? Here are some of the most common causes of wrongful imprisonment: False Confessions In many cases, the situations and circumstances around a crime and its prime suspects are complex and… Read More

5 Signs Your Child May Be a Victim of Daycare Negligence

Many daycare facilities have good intentions and prioritize your child’s safety and wellbeing. However, there are unfortunately some daycares that are negligent and irresponsible in taking care of your child while you are away, and it could result in physical, emotional or psychological harm to your child. These are the five most common signs of daycare negligence and abuse: Bruising or Injuries One time, it could have just been a trip or fall. But if you see your child coming home with bruises on many occasions, perpetually or consistently, there is a good chance that something is happening… Read More

What is Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

Did you know it is mandated by state law that you have a minimal amount of personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in your insurance policy? And the only way by which you can not have PIP coverage is through signing an explicit agreement with your insurance provider denying PIP coverage? Unless you signed the release, even if all you bought was a minimal liability insurance policy, you still have a minimal amount of PIP coverage. Here are some facts surrounding your personal injury protection coverage that might put your mind at ease. When Do You Qualify For PIP Coverage? No… Read More

Serious Injury: The 4 Types of Burns and How to Gauge their Severity

Burns are just a part of life, be it from sunlight, a curling iron, or the stove top. Listed below are the four different types of burns and some of their causes, followed by how to categorize their ‘degree’ of severity. 1. Thermal This is the most common type of burn, it occurs when you come in contact with flame, heated materials, or scalding liquids. Everyone in their life will experience a burn like this, yet the severity can depend on the temperature and length of exposure. 2. Chemical Chemical burns occur when you come in contact with… Read More

How Subrogation Affects You

You have just had a car wreck. While you were driving through an intersection someone ran a red light and hit your front end, spinning your car around forty-five degrees. Luckily, you only suffered from a neck strain and your car just needs some bodywork to be in drivable condition. You go ahead and pay your deductible, will say $800, and within three weeks you have your wheels back, you’re well on your way to physical recovery, and you’re back working and happy that things ran so smoothly. However you’ll probably still be frustrated that you had to pay $800… Read More

Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. When it comes to sharing the road with motorcyclists, it is important to have awareness of a few key facts in order to prioritize everyone’s safety. Take a quick look over these five safety tips, and it could save someone’s life. Motorcycles take up an entire lane. Motorcycles are entitled to their own lane, even though they might not be as wide as pick up truck that is also entitled to its own lane. They are legally allowed to take up the entire lane, and they are not required to share it… Read More

How to Protect Your Child From Sports Related Brain Injuries

Sports can be fun, healthy and character building for children of all ages. However, sports can also be physically dangerous, with broken bones, fractures, torn muscles or concussions. Concussions are probably the most dangerous because they can result in severe traumatic brain injury, which can change or even end a child’s life. Here are some precautions to take for your star athlete in order to protect him or her as much as you can from concussions. Work Closely With Coaches and School Officials Ensure that the environment in which your child is learning about and playing sports… Read More

How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

Whether you’re walking your child to school or just getting some fresh air on your daily afternoon stroll, it’s important to stay safe, especially as a pedestrian. Walking around town is a great way to see the sights and get some exercise, but that doesn’t mean it is always the safest method of transportation. In Austin, Texas the pedestrian fatality rate rose significantly in recent years and is listed in the top 25 most dangerous cities for pedestrians. Safety Tips for Pedestrians Half of pedestrian fatalities occur during the weekends and… Read More

Head Trauma Safety: What to Do if You Suspect a Concussion

Our brains are soft masses with the consistency of jelly, suspended in cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid keeps our brains from bouncing around in our hard skulls from everyday movement. Most of the movement our head does is cushioned by this fluid. Abrupt trauma to the head can cause the brain to move around inside the skull, causing it to strike and bounce against your inner skull. Examples of such events are hard falls, car accidents, sports accidents and over-enthusiastic head banging at a heavy metal concert. A concussion is the brain injury that one sustains from such quick… Read More

How to Avoid Drunk Drivers on the Road – Safety Tips

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To drive safely on the road you have to monitor other drivers as well as yourself. You never know who is distracted, in a rush or driving while intoxicated. As scary as it sounds, thousands of people in Austin, and millions of people all over the United States are injured every year because of people who choose to drive drunk. Sadly, in the state of Texas about 35% of all car accident fatalities were DUI related incidents. Even though drinking is acceptable, drinking and driving is not. There are plenty of options to get home safely if you are drunk,… Read More