Pedestrian Accidents More Frequent During Holiday Season

BroadwayAs a pedestrian, you may be at the most danger of being struck by a vehicle now than during any other time of year. Why? Quite simply put: More drivers on the road during the holidays are driving while distracted. If you walk frequently or even just plan on shopping and being in public parking lots, read on. Knowing what to look out for can quite possible save your life.


You may think that texting and driving is the biggest cause of distraction behind the wheel and you may be right. It’s important to remember, though, that there are other distractions behind the wheel.

Drivers in public parking lots are distracted as they look for available parking spaces. They are distracted as they watch for drivers backing out of parking spaces. They are paying more attention to the kids in the car than to the people walking through the lot. The list goes on. If you are walking through a parking lot this season, stay aware of your surroundings. Act on the defensive, never assuming that a driver sees you.


People will be flocking into town to visit friends and relatives over the next month or two. Not all of these people are familiar with the area. They may be too busy trying to read road signs or arguing with their GPS to pay attention to pedestrians.

The Elderly

It’s not to say that all people over a certain age are poor drivers, but there are certainly a fair number that may have poor eyesight, lowered reaction times or ailments that should prevent them from driving. People who may not otherwise drive may be willing to risk it to get that special present for someone they love.

You Are Your Own Risk

If you are not aware of your surroundings, you are putting yourself at risk. Don’t use your cell phone in any manner when you are walking, don’t juggle multiple shopping bags and scan the parking lot or roadway frequently. The only way you can defend yourself properly is if you see what’s coming.

If you are injured in an accident this holiday season or at any other time of year, our expert personal injury attorneys are here to assist you. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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