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Pedestrian Struck on Highway 71

AUSTIN, TX – A hit-and-run accident took the life of a pedestrian on State Highway 71 Thursday. The man was found in the median by a person driving by. Whoever struck the man did not remain on scene.

According to reports, the accident occurred some time between midnight and 7 a.m. Authorities warn drivers that there is a lot of foot traffic along the highway between SH 130 and US 183. Neighborhoods line the congested highway, and there are two bus stops on either side. People using the Austin Transitional Center, and others, frequent these bus stops on a regular basis.

One bus rider compared getting to one of the bus stops to a game of leap frog. Cars travel down the highway at a high rate of speed and it can be difficult to cross safely. There have been a total of three pedestrian deaths on this stretch of road so far. Even though there is a cross walk at Cheviot Lane, people on foot and those behind the wheel don’t always pay attention.

Authorities urge drivers to keep their eyes open, particularly in this area. Pedestrians are being advised to keep their eyes on their surroundings when crossing the highway or walking along its sides. Preventing accidents like this one is possible if people stay aware.

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