Reckless Driving Causes First Fatal Accident of the Year

Tuesday, KVUE reported the first fatal accident of the year. Simon Rodriguez was attempting to pass vehicles on East Koenig Lane when he hit an SUV in oncoming traffic.

Among the most dangerous and severe car accidents are head-on collisions. Simon Rodriguez was taken to Brackenridge and died at the hospital. His passenger is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The SUV driver, who has yet to be identified, is battling for her life at Brackenridge.

This is the first fatal traffic crash of 2015 in Austin. The root issue of these accidents is almost always driver negligence. Negligence in this instance is reckless. Reckless drivers are those who make unsafe and rash decisions that put other drivers and passengers at risk. These motorists speed, ignore traffic signals and signs, tailgate other vehicles, change lanes excessively, and make dangerous driving maneuvers.

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