Safety Tips for Jogging at Night

night-injury-loewy-lawShort winter days and Daylight Savings Time makes the daylight feel extremely fleeting. With the sun setting earlier, those who prefer evening runs might find themselves running in total darkness by the time they get out of work. Running in the darkness isn’t a bad thing, and you shouldn’t let the season stop you from your routine, even if it does seem a little intimidating at first. The night does pose a few safety obstacles, however, that you should take into consideration.

Safety Tips

  • Wear clothing that is bright or reflectives so that the headlights of cars will catch the colors, and drivers will notice you crossing the road or on the side.

  • Some people even wear small flashing lights (like the ones bikers use) so that they will be noticed by cars for sure.

  • Keep your route in familiar places. Instead of running a pretty park or forest route 8 miles away, consider just staying near your neighborhood, doing 4 miles twice, or even just 2 miles 4 times. That way you’re always close to home if you need anything, and if for whatever reason you need your friends or family to help you, you’re nearby an area that they are familiar with.

  • Take a well lit route. It might be boring, but it’s safe. It’s easier to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for potential trips.

  • If you’re running routes that aren’t very well lit, consider wearing a headlamp. It doesn’t have to be extremely powerful, but the extra personal lighting will let you see where you’re going and avoid obstacles that might trip you.

  • Don’t listen to music. It’s a hard habit to break for many people, but it’s much safer since it increases your awareness by so much. Your focus will be more focused on where your feet are falling and what is around you.


Safety should always come first in everything you do. If you are injured while running because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Call us today for a free consultation.