Settlement for Boy Struck by Lightning


9-year-old Alex Hermann was playing youth soccer on a balmy summer day when he was struck by a lightning bolt that stopped his heart.

As the storm rolled in, Alex was rushed to the hospital via STAR Flight helicopter. He had burn wounds and brain damage. He was close to death.

For the next three months, Alex was under the care of the remarkable doctors at Dell Children’s. Many surgeries, prayers, sleepless nights, and therapy sessions later, Alex was able to return home to his family. He faces a long road to recovery but has made remarkable progress.

Thanks to a spirit of remarkable cooperation by all parties, our firm secured a confidential settlement for Alex. The money will go to Alex’s continued care. We would like to commend the defense lawyers, insurance companies, ad litem attorney, and youth association for working together to help resolve the case. The settlement will leave a legacy in Alex’s life.

We are honored to be able to help children who have been seriously injured and we will continue to be a voice for those in need.