Skydivers Involved in Texas Plane Crash

AUSTIN, TX – It is not unusual for people to be afraid of flying. Many simply do not trust that a plane will stay in the air. Others are afraid of taking off or landing. Typically, skydivers, pilots, flight attendants and the like do not have these fears.

Sadly, a pilot was killed Sunday after his single-engine plane crashed to the ground in Lexington. Aboard the plane were also three others who were able to safely parachute to the ground. The cause of the crash is not known, though investigators say they expect to release a preliminary report later this month.

According to reports, pilot and skydiving instructor, Christopher Lyons, 32, was killed in the plane crash. The Texas Department of Public Safety says that the Cessna 182-A stalled before returning to the ground. The plane was operated by Austin Skydiving Center. The plane crashed about 45 miles east of Austin on private property in Lexington. The skydiving center has not responded to requests for comment. No bystanders were hurt. The crash remains under investigation.

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