South by Southwest 2015 Safety Plan Released

People in the street

It’s hard to believe that South by Southwest 2015 is in just a few months. Last year, we secured a $350,000 settlement for a young Austin woman who was seriously injured in the South by Southwest tragedy – a drunk driver being chased by police plowed into a festival crowd, killing four people and injuring over twenty.

Adding to the danger, SXSW thrives on growth, so this year’s festival promises to be even bigger than last year.

This year, Austin Police are taking steps to ensure a safe SXSW. Their safety action plan, as detailed on KVUE, promises a few things. There will be 60 additional officers on duty – enforcing correct line queuing, traffic control, and city camera monitoring. Street lights, especially on 6th, will be replaced with adjustable LED lights that create better visibility. Finally, there will be a dedicating police command center at the festival.

Our firm is committed to safety. We applaud the APD’s efforts to ensure this year’s SXSW festival is eventful in the only best possible ways.