Sports with Highest risk of Brain Injury

Playing sports is a good way to stay active, relieve stress and have some fun. However, there is always a chance you or someone else can get injured if you participate in any physical or sports related activity. This is why there are particular rules and safety measures to keep those involved safe. Even if you do everything you are supposed to, accidents happen and people can become severely injured. One serious injury that happens in sports and various activities is brain injury.

Brain injury occurs in over 1.7 million Americans every year. Brain injury can be caused by variety of things such as:

  • Being injured in a car accident
  • Playing sports
  • Falling
  • Any physical activity
  • Infections
  • Tumors
  • Strokes

biking injuries, personal injuriesOur brain is incredibly fragile and can be easily damaged, especially if we are involved in sports. The sport with the highest risk of brain injury is cycling, followed by football and baseball. Cycling is number one because many people that cycle for sport or leisurely, do so without wearing helmets. Bike riders are likely to collide with cars which can result in a serious harm and traumatic brain injury. Whether you ride your bike for fun or cycle for sport, make sure you take preventative measures to keep yourself safe.

Cycling Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet
  • Ride in bike lanes
  • Wear reflective clothing at night

It is important to know that if you are a cyclist you are not at fault if somebody else hits you and causes you brain injury. You have rights that need to be protected if somebody causes you injury. Contact Loewy Law Firm if you have any questions or need the help of a trusted attorney on your side.