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Strange Winter Weather Prompts Warnings to Drivers

Severe weather broke out all over Texas this past weekend, but hit the Dallas area the hardest. Hundreds were affected by the tornadoes that touched down Saturday evening and into the early morning hours of Sunday. Flights were canceled and others diverted as the wind whipped through the area.

The rest of Texas saw flood warnings and blowing snow in what could be called the strangest weather of the season so far. Parts of the state seemed to be sectioned off as people experienced winter, summer and spring all in different areas of Texas.

Historic blizzard conditions were called for in Amarillo and the Texas Department of Transportation was prompted to warn the public about traveling on dangerous roadways.

As the weather continued, people were warned to slow down and give themselves extra time depending on the driving conditions they were experiencing.

Anyone driving in the weather was also warned to make sure that their car was prepared for an emergency. Beyond being ready for cold-weather conditions, vehicles should have an emergency roadside kit prepared and stored safely inside. Extra clothing, flares, flashlights and bottles of water are suggested for anyone driving in Texas this week and into the winter season. Any person who has the ability to stay off the roads this week is advised to do so.

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