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The Surprising Benefits of a Tech-Free Vacation

porchIn light of new research showing just how much media we consume daily, the Huffington Post’s infographic about the merits of a tech-free vacation has never been truer.

The typical American has access to multiple forms of media at any given time during their day. While at work and at home we are often halfway paying attention to at least two things at once—TV background noise, phones kept within reach, laptops open to numerous tabs, app notifications pinging in a constant haze of technological overdose.

What is the result? We have short attention spans, for one. We are also suffering from poor concentration, disrupted sleep patterns, bad posture, eye irritation, and a loss of motivation.

Our law firm is committed to finding a good work-life balance. We set aside time to disconnect in order to improve focus and efficiency when we do connect. We encourage each other to make healthy lifestyle choices as part of an active decision to have a positive work environment. The result? We have the drive and focus to obtain amazing results for our clients. Take a look at our past settlements and our client reviews for more on our results-oriented team.

What steps can you take towards improved efficiency, sleep, health, and concentration?

To start, take some time over the holidays to completely disconnect. Let people know that you will be going tech-free so that your bases are covered. Leave your gadgets at home or out of sight. If you’re going out of town, consider a spot where you have to tune out.

You’ll find you have improved mental clarity, health, and creativity. Your work-life balance will improve when you get back to work.

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