Teach Your Teen What To Do After an Accident

steering wheelYou spent countless hours getting your teen ready for the road. You practiced driving on back roads and highways. You reviewed the local traffic laws. You even practiced driving in the rain. If you are like most parents, you may have forgotten to prepare your child for a car accident.

It stands to reason that most parents do not want to imagine their child in a car crash. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and, whether your child is at fault or not, taking the proper steps are important. Review the following list with your teenager to be sure they understand what to do if they are involved in a collision.

  1. Pull Over When Possible

If the vehicle can still be driven after the accident, it should be moved out of the direct line of traffic. Tell your child to pull over, turn on the hazard lights and call 911. There is nothing illegal about not calling emergency services if they aren’t needed, but it is in your teen’s best interest to do so. If anyone is injured in the accident, calling 911 is imperative as is getting the necessary medical attention.

  1. Exchange Insurance Information

The police will collect insurance information from each party involved in the accident. In the event that your teen doesn’t heed your advice to contact 911 following a crash, they should at least exchange insurance information with the other driver.

  1. Take Photos

Most teenagers have a cell phone that is capable of taking photographs. If it is safe to do so, your teen should take photos of the scene, including both cars and the surrounding area if possible.

  1. Contact the Insurance Company

You will actually be the person contacting the insurance company if your teen is covered under your policy. The insurance agent will want details of the accident. They may also ask for a copy of the police report if there is one available.

  1. Contact an Attorney

If your teen was injured in the accident, a personal injury attorney may be of assistance in retrieving more compensation than the insurance company offers. Do not be hesitant to speak with a lawyer regarding your teen’s accident. Most lawyers offer a free consultation, so take advantage of it.

We know that your teen being involved in an accident is stressful for the whole family for a myriad of reasons. At The Loewy Law Firm, we have experienced personal injury attorneys who are ready to assist you in getting any compensation that your teen may be entitled to by law. Call us now for an initial review of your case at no cost. We are here to assist you today.

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