When a Tenant Has the Right to Sue for Negligence

Thousands of people in Austin live in apartment buildings. Many of these people go about their daily lives never experiencing injury or illness. Unfortunately, this is no the case for every apartment dweller in the city. Accidents happen, but who is at fault for these accidents? Depending on the type of injury or illness suffered, the fault may lie with the owner of the property.

Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure includes exposure to mold, mildew and even lead paint. If you or a family member falls ill and the root of your illness can be traced back to mold spores or the like, you may have a case against the owner of the apartment complex for a failure to maintain the property in a healthy way.

Slip and Falls

If you slip and fall in your own apartment, it is unlikely that you will be able to lay the blame on the apartment owner. If, on the other hand, you slip and fall in a common area, you may have a case. If you trip and fall because of an issue that is known but remains unrepaired, the owner of the building may be held liable.


If you are burned in a fire that was the result of a faulty appliance or electrical system, you may be able to place the fault with the building’s owner. This is especially true if the owner was aware of any problems and failed to repair them in a timely manner.

Acts of Violence

Not all apartment complexes have security on the premises or even locked doors. If you sign your lease knowing that these things are missing, you are accepting the risk in most cases. If, on the other hand, the apartment has a security system in place and you are injured during an act of violence, you may be able to seek compensation from the building owner.

There are a variety of situations in which an apartment owner can be considered at fault if you are injured or contract an illness. There are just as many situations in which the fault lies squarely on your shoulders. If you have any question as to where to place the blame, an experienced personal injury attorney can be of assistance.

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