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An Austin Woman Injured in a Car Crash

I was out doing errands one beautiful Saturday fall morning when a guy didn’t stop at a stop sign; rather he t-boned my car spinning it around and rendering it undriveable. I thought I was okay, but over the next several months found myself feeling worse and worse. Daily headaches made it increasingly difficult for me to make it through the day. I went from doctor to doctor and treatment to treatment until finally someone suggested that my troubles might be a consequence of that accident. A friend recommended that I give Adam Loewy a call. From the beginning Adam was understanding and supportive. He took time to listen and make a case against the other driver. He also referred me to additional specialists who were able to correctly diagnose and remediate what turned out to be a neck problem. Adam and Laura were great to work with – always responsive and on top of the case. In addition, they are great negotiators and extremely knowledgeable about insurance-related issues. I am grateful to have had access to such competent professionals and would highly recommend the Loewy Law Firm to anyone who has been hit by a negligent driver.