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An Austin Woman Ran Over by a Car

When my wife was hit by a car (actually run over in a parking garage) we were expecting to break even with the bills and added expenses. It turned out that we might have had to pay a lot of money up front after our final bill due to infight between multiple types of insurances and the bill came to more than $150,000 for multiple surgeries and hospital stays. Once we retained Adam and his wonderful legal team to deal with our claim, all the insurance companies wanted their cut. In less than 6 months (which is much sooner than expected). Adam and his team actually pushed for us to receive a larger lump sum payment and not have to worry about any future bills. So we got money in our pockets and didn’t have to deal with all the bills.
After Adam took our case I never once had to deal with any of the bills or multiple companies trying to lobby/bill us the max amount. He pushed and got the absolute best results possible. It sucks we had to deal with the whole situation, but Adam really made things much less stressful.

Adam is a no nonsense kind of person that will be honest and straight forward with you. If you want someone that is going to tell you up front all the possibilities and actually work for his earned (I do mean eared) money, I would highly recommend Adam Loewy. My only regret is that we did not have the million dollar policy to get even more money out of the settlement.

Again, we are very happy with the outcome! If we ever need a personal injury lawyer, we will make sure we work with Adam again.