Three Friends Biking to Austin for Charity

AUSTIN, TX – Be on the lookout, people of Austin. You will soon be seeing three bike riders enter town and call an end to their multi-state road trip.

Three men will be riding from Detroit to Austin, making several stops along the way, in the Detroit 2 Austin charity ride. The men are supporting various charities through their ride that will cover more than 1,600 miles. Dane Wittig, Tyler Wittig, and Colin McConnell hope to raise awareness for charities and causes that are often overlooked in favor of larger campaigns. The three are supporting Healing Vercammen Hearts, Chive Charities, and Coalition of Dwarf Advocacy. Along the ride, they will be stopping in various cities, participating in meet-and-greets and promoting awareness. They will also be utilizing social media to bolster their campaign. Use #Detroit2Austin to keep up with the trio of riders.

Anyone interested is encouraged to set up their own fundraisers and events. The route is set to take the men through Toledo, Indianapolis and Oklahoma City before they arrive in Texas. Dallas and Austin will be home to more local events and celebrations.

The Charities

Chive Charities is an umbrella that covers many lesser-known campaigns. It is one of the most generous communities on the Internet.

Coalition of Dwarf Advocacy works to develop programs that assist little people.

Healing Vercammen Hearts supports three brothers who were each born with a congenital heart disease. One of the brothers is expected to need a heart transplant within the next year.

If you would like to get involved with the campaign, you can email

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