Three People Injured in Capital Metro Bus Crash


As the city prepared for potential flash flooding, drivers were urged to stay off of the roads during heavy rain.

However, last night at 1:30 AM a Capital Metro bus crash. The bus was driving on West Riverside crashed in a guardrail and injured three people.

Austin-Travis County EMS took all three people to the hospital. Thankfully, none of them sustained life-threatening injuries.

The crews cleaning up the wreck worked for the rest of the night and did not finish until this morning, according to eyewitnesses.

The injured parties have options to recover their medical expenses. Since the Capital Metro bus is a city vehicle, it will have a large insurance policy to cover situations such as this.

However, the city’s large budget also means that their insurance defense lawyers will fight hard against accepting liability. A few crucial steps can help to mitigate this difficulty. First of all, get legal help immediately. A good legal firm will provide healthcare advice and scheduling, conduct a thorough crash investigation, compile evidence and a strong argument for you, and pursue multiple avenues of compensation including UIM and PIP.

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