Tips for Victims of Negligence

court jurisdiction If you’ve never navigated it before, the legal personal injury claim system can be complicated and confusing, with everyone really just looking out for themselves. Some insurance companies will hire lawyers against you so that they can compensate you with less money. Some legal parties will try to get you to sign binding documents that prevent you from seeking the justice you deserve. Here are some tips for surviving the system if you’ve been a victim of negligence and want the compensation you deserve.

Safety and Health First

Above all else, safely and health are the most important thing. Money and reputation don’t matter if you don’t have your health. Seek medical attention when you need it. Address your injuries before bothering with claims.

Report to the Police

Get everything you can remember on record as soon as possible. Your memory will fade and details will get blurred, so you want to have everything down on official records for both your memory’s sake and for use later on if necessary.

Don’t Apologize

Be careful about the things you say when dealing with other parties involved in the situation. By all means be courteous and respectful, but you don’t need to assign fault or say you’re sorry. It could be used against you later on.

Don’t Sign Anything

Unless you know exactly what it says and exactly what it means, don’t sign anything. Complicated wordings and sneaky fine prints have gotten many people into trouble down the road, and it often prevents them from seeking full compensation.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Ultimately, you’re going to need a professional to ensure that you get what you deserve. This usually doesn’t even involve going to court, but a legal professional can help you get a settlement that is fair.


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