Tips to Help Seniors Avoid Aggressive Drivers

upset old manAs we age, it stands to reason that we begin to slow down. Unfortunately, those slow downs, or deficits, are carried over into our driving. This inability to drive like we once did can cause other drivers on the road to become angry and aggressive. Here are some tips for anyone dealing with an angry driver on the road.

  1. Do Not Respond

If you happen to be confronted by an angry driver, do your best to not respond. The driver may be looking for a confrontation, plain and simple. Your response can escalate a situation that could have been calmed simply by ignoring it.

  1. Allow Enough Room

Do not tailgate other drivers. Always give yourself enough room to maneuver safely. Riding on the bumper of the vehicle in front of you will only anger the other driver.

  1. Stay In Your Vehicle

It is not typical, but it does happen. A driver will become so enraged with you that they will follow you into a parking lot or into another public space. No matter what you do, do not get out of your vehicle. Your vehicle offers you protection. Stay in it, roll up the windows, lock the doors and call for emergency assistance from the police.

  1. Follow the Rules of the Road

One of the things that other drivers find the most aggravating are people who do not follow the speed limit, fail to utilize turn signals, slam on their brakes, and the like. Always do your best to not only follow written law, but to follow the unwritten rules of the road. Doing so will help you avoid angering other drivers.

  1. Avoid Eye Contact

If you find an aggressive driver riding next to you on the highway, avoid making eye contact. The same can be said for making eye contact in your rearview mirror with the driver behind you. Eye contact can be seen by some as a challenge, especially when they are in an aggressive frame of mind.

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