Top 10 Driving Distractions

The dangers of distracted driving are very real. Each year, thousands of people are killed due to a driver who does not have their full attention on the road ahead. A report from Erie Insurance lists the 10 most dangerous distractions and how you can avoid them.

  1. Generally Distracted

When people consider what distracts drivers from the road, they rarely think of daydreaming. Being “in a fog” is the number one distraction among drivers, especially those who commute long distances.

  1. Cell Phones

No matter what you are doing on your cell phone when you drive, it is a distraction. From talking to texting, people use their mobile devices in a variety of ways when they are behind the wheel. Keep in mind that nothing is so important that it is worth your life. It can wait until you arrive at your destination.

  1. Outside Distractions

Seven percent of drivers involved in accidents were distracted by something outside of the car. Whether an event, a person or an object, we can become easily distracted by the goings on that surrounds us. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead.

  1. Vehicle Occupants

Other people inside your car can provide a huge distraction. Keep the radio volume low and if your friends or family get so loud that you feel as though you can’t think straight, ask them to keep it down.

  1. Reaching

We have all dropped something that slid under the seat. Resist the temptation to reach for it. If it is something you need right away, pull over to the side of the road or into a parking lot to retrieve it.

  1. Eating or Drinking

Do not use your car as a mobile restaurant. Two percent of distracted drivers were consuming a food or beverage when they were involved in a fatal accident.

  1. The Radio

High volume on the radio can be dangerous. Fiddling with the knobs and buttons can be equally so. The same goes for temperature controls.

  1. Car Features

If your car is equipped with features like Bluetooth or satellite navigation, know how they operate. Practicing their use while your driving is never a wise choice.

  1. Pets and Insects

Excited pets can cause you to take your eyes off of the road. A stinging insect landing on your leg can do the same.

  1. Smoking

Lighting up, dropping your cigarette or dropping ashes in your lap can all be distracting. Keep this in mind if you smoke in your vehicle.

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