Top Causes of Injuries to Children

Most injuries that children receive are unintentional. That is, no one set out to harm a child on the day the little one was hurt. Unfortunately, even when no one intends to do so, children are hurt every day. Unintentional injuries account for 96 percent of hospital admissions among children.

Many of the injuries that children receive are predictable. They are also preventable. Knowing the top causes of injuries to children can help to reduce the risk that your own kiddo will be hurt.

1. Cars

Child passengers are hurt in car accidents daily. In many cases, it was because the child was not restrained properly or the restraint failed. Your child should be in an approved safety seat every time they are in the vehicle.

2. Pedestrians

Children are not mature enough to have a sense of their surroundings and the dangers those surroundings present. Little pedestrians are hurt because they simply do not pay attention to where they are. Make sure that your young ones know to stay in the yard and away from the curb lawn.

3. Poisoning

Poisoning is a common hazard among children. Any type of poison in your home should be kept out of reach and in a locked cabinet. That includes medications, cleaners, pesticides and anything else that is toxic or caustic to humans.

4. Fire

It is rare that people die of an actual fire. What they do die from is smoke inhalation. Your home should have working smoke alarms on every floor, and your children should know what to do if the house catches fire.

5. Drowning

Drowning is a leading cause of danger among children under 5 years of age. If you have a pool in the yard, it should be surrounded by a fence with gates that lock. Always supervise children when they are taking a bath.

A child being injured is a sad affair, no matter the cause. You cannot watch your child every second of ever day, but you can supervise to the best of your ability. Knowing the dangers your child faces can help you keep your children as safe as you can.

If your child has been injured in an accident, you may have a right to compensation. Call our offices today and let us provide you with a free case evaluation. Our personal injury attorneys are here for you. Call now.

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