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Traffic Symposium Addresses Drunk Driving, Raises Police and Community Awareness

On August 5, a group of state, county, and city leaders convened to consider a fundamental problem that Austin faces—drunk driving.

Previously, we’ve discussed the need for both normative and enforced change in regards to drunk driving in Austin. We have seen far too many tragedies, such as the death of local blogger AtxHipsters, in which drunk driving has been the cause of life-changing injuries or death.

Unfortunately, Austinites often have a careless attitude when it comes to drinking and driving. We are surrounded by amazing music, nightlife, and events: all too often this live-in-the-moment mentality extends itself to, “I’m fine, I can drive home.” This needs to change, and we need to hold ourselves and our friends accountable.

Since the Loewy Law Firm helps those affected by drunk driving so often, we are extremely glad to see city leaders and community members coming together to come up with viable solutions to prevent tragedy.

Groups such as ATX Safer Streets and the Austin Police Department presented ideas at the gathering. Traffic proposals ranged from 24-hour bus lines to better cross walks and slower speed limits. We also support the proposed harsher punishments for drivers who break the law: their actions are the reason why we see so many people going through the worst time of their lives.

One solution that we recommend is Uber, a car service in which you download an app, find a driver, and get home easily.

Austin is an incredible city, and you certainly do not need alcohol to see and enjoy it. If you choose to drink, always have a plan in mind for how you will get home. If you are hurt or have family killed by a drunk driver, please get in touch with us.

We believe that the efforts of this symposium—traffic solutions and more fitting punishments for criminals—alongside social change and more accountability, are a great start to dealing with this important issue.

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