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Workers’ Compensation: When Do You Need An Attorney?

  • Blog Posted on November 21, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Did you know that Texas is the only state that does not require employers to provide workers’ compensation? Thirty-three percent of employers choose not to provide workers’ compensation insurance and leave nineteen percent of employees uncovered. Whether or not your employer provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you need to know more about how this affects Read More

Austin Police Shooting Leads To Wrongful Death Case

  • Blog Posted on November 19, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Currently The Loewy Law Firm is going to trial for a highly publicized case involving wrongful death. This case involves a young man who was shot in the back of the head by a police officer. It is controversial because it involves a black man who was shot around 34th street, a predominately white area . Read More

How Does Wrongful Imprisonment Happen?

  • Blog Posted on November 18, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

As much as we wish the justice system in America was flawless, it is, unfortunately, not the case. Many people every year are wrongly imprisoned, and with the development of more advanced forensic technology, we are beginning to see just how serious this problem has been. But how does wrongful imprisonment happen? How does a Read More

5 Signs Your Child May Be a Victim of Daycare Negligence

  • Blog Posted on November 15, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Many daycare facilities have good intentions and prioritize your child’s safety and wellbeing. However, there are unfortunately some daycares that are negligent and irresponsible in taking care of your child while you are away, and it could result in physical, emotional or psychological harm to your child. These are the five most common signs of Read More

Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists

  • Blog Posted on November 11, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. When it comes to sharing the road with motorcyclists, it is important to have awareness of a few key facts in order to prioritize everyone’s safety. Take a quick look over these five safety tips, and it could save someone’s life. Motorcycles take up an entire lane. Motorcycles are entitled Read More

How to Protect Your Child From Sports Related Brain Injuries

  • Blog Posted on November 8, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Sports can be fun, healthy and character building for children of all ages. However, sports can also be physically dangerous, with broken bones, fractures, torn muscles or concussions. Concussions are probably the most dangerous because they can result in severe traumatic brain injury, which can change or even end a child’s life. Here are some Read More

5 Ways to Prevent Elderly Falls and Injuries.

  • Blog Posted on November 4, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Children are seen tumbling around and falling down all of the time. It can be quite adorable. However, as people age, the consequences of falling become more and more severe. Falls are unfortunately common in seniors, and they can cause some serious injuries that could even be fatal. Learn about the dangers of of falls Read More

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms in Children

  • Blog Posted on November 1, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Children can be very self aware, but they are sometimes unable to properly express what they are experiencing. As a result, brain injury symptoms in children need to be observed by an adult, since they may not communicate their pain or confusion to you. General Symptoms First, let’s go over a list of general symptoms Read More

Austin Truck Accidents & Distracted Driving

  • Blog Posted on September 3, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

In recent years, distracted driving has become a serious threat to public safety. Each year, driver distraction is responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths – all of which were entirely preventable. As states throughout the nation have recognized the horrific dangers distracted driving creates, numerous organizations and jurisdictions have adopted regulations and laws to reduce distracted Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident in Austin

  • Blog Posted on August 22, 2013
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Car accidents – or any type of auto accident – can be frightening, chaotic experiences. When emotions run hot and especially when injuries occur, victims may forget important steps they can take to not only protect their own well-being, but also the future strength of their personal injury claim. As the actions individuals take in the Read More

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