The Dark Side of Daylight Savings Time

Spring in Austin is finally making an appearance, and one of the traditional markers of this—daylight savings time—gives us an extra hour of sunshine (theoretically, although cloudy skies seem to prevail these days). On his weekly news run-down, comedian John Oliver begged the question, “How is daylight savings time still a thing?” The sketch—alongside leaving us wondering why indeed we still adhere to this WWI money saving practice—pointed out an alarming fact. Daylight savings time actually increases the amount of fatal car crashes up to six days after ‘springing forward’. A study from the University of Colorado Boulder… Read More

Fatal Crash in Austin As Winter Storms Gather

Earlier today, one person died and two other people were injured in a tragic accident on Highway 71. The area, near Bee Cave Road, is currently one of many areas in greater Austin experiencing heavy fog and poor driving conditions. Austin-Travis County EMS showed up to the scene and reported that two vehicles were involved. The deceased died at the scene, and the two others were taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge. Their injuries are very serious. We recommend avoiding this area, which is currently closed off at Highway 71 and Bee Cave Road. There are currently… Read More

Austinites, Do You Know How to Drive in Fog?

A Foggy Day in Austin The Texas Capitol building is shrouded in mystery. The Frost Bank Tower peers out from behind a gloomy haze. Trees along Town Lake Trail appear as silhouettes, each row a mistier gray. Apropos of the haze, Austinities peer into the dense dripping sky and tweet, “What does it all mean?? #fog #nocluewhattodo.” Aside from retweeted existential angst, fog should be generally harmless. The problem is on the road: many drivers do not know how to drive in fog. A city like Austin where it rarely occurs can become a hazardous environment if drivers do… Read More

Could Cheaper Gas Mean More Car Accidents in Austin?

The Economics of Car Accidents in Austin Texans everywhere rejoiced at the lower gas prices of the past few months. Indeed, we took to the roads with renewed vim and vigor, secure in the thought that if we have to infuriatingly inch forward on I-35, at least we can afford the therapy bills. Unfortunately, this downward trend is forcing another trend upward—car accidents in Austin. There is a negative correlation between these two trends because as gas prices lower, drivers fill the roads. According to the Huffington Post’s report “Lower Gas Prices Mean More Deaths on the Road,”… Read More

Number of civil jury trials declines to new lows in Texas

Article originally published at The Dallas Morning News. You can read the original story here. Number of civil jury trials declines to new lows in Texas by MARK CURRIDEN Judge Patrick Higginbotham of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in 1997 that civil jury trials were headed to extinction. “There are certain elites in this country who don’t trust juries,” Higginbotham, a Reagan appointee from Dallas, said at the time. “The future of our jury system is very much in danger.” Most lawyers and judges scoffed at the suggestion. After all, no state in the country… Read More

North Austin Pedestrian Killed in Multiple Car Crash

North Austin Pedestrian Killed in Multiple Car Crash Original Article from KXAN: “AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police are investigating a deadly crash in North Austin involving a man walking across Lamar Boulevard early Wednesday morning. The wreck happened just after 3 a.m. at the corner of North Lamar and West Longspur boulevards, just north of Rundberg Lane. North Lamar Boulevard is currently closed at Longspur Boulevard while police investigate the crash. Austin police say a driver heading south on Lamar Boulevard hit the man walking across the street. That driver did stop. However, a second… Read More

APD to Launch Pedestrian Safety Initiative

This article was originally published on the Austin American-Statesman. You can view the original article here or read it below: From the Austin Police Department: So far in 2015, the City of Austin has experienced four pedestrian traffic fatalities. All have involved pedestrians crossing in areas not designated with a pedestrian cross walk. Beginning today and continuing throughout the year, the Vision Zero Pedestrian Safety Initiative will focus enforcement efforts to ensure everyone using our roadways arrives alive. Citywide, officers will place more attention on enforcing city ordinances and state laws that prohibit pedestrians from… Read More

I-35 HazMat: Dangerous Trucks Still on 1-35 Despite Rerouting Laws

Tonight on KXAN, an investigative report will look into the ongoing hauling of dangerous HazMat cargo on I-35 despite laws mandating an alternate route. This is a problem that the city must address. With the increase in population alongside I-35 traffic, this is exceedingly dangerous and simply a recipe for disaster. The original article is below – stay tuned for the Investigation tonight at 6 PM. AUSTIN (KXAN) – Every day thousands of Austinites use Interstate 35 on their drive to and from work or school, travelling right next to fuel tankers and other commercial tractor… Read More

New Study Reveals the Safest and Least Safe Cars

What Are the Safest and Least Safe Cars? USA Today published a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that reveals the safest and least safe cars: cars that could save you in a crash and the cars that cause the most driver death. Price is a factor, but not for the reason you’d think. It is not poor workmanship that causes unsafe cars. Instead, it is the type of car—lightweight, small, sporty vehicles. The safest cars, predictably, include two minivans, five SUVs, and three hatchbacks. It seems as if there is a sporty… Read More

How to Be More Productive at Work

How to Be More Productive at Work How much of your time at work is taken up with meetings, meetings about meetings, meetings to prepare for meetings, or meetings to recap meetings? Conversely, how much of your time at work is taken up with drawn out projects that take all the time you’ve allotted for them? Do you always seem to finish things just in the nick of time? There is a rule that applies to both of these situations – Parkinson’s Law. This law, taken from a 1955 essay in The Economist, states… Read More