Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Worth It?

You are in the market for new insurance and are planning on sitting down in front of your computer for an hour or so gathering quotes. You know that you need to coverage in case you cause an accident, and maybe you even want to pay for rental reimbursement or roadside coverage. But what about uninsured motorist coverage?

Most people believe that uninsured motorist coverage will protect them in the event that another driver, without insurance, is found at fault in their wreck. Chances are that most people are wrong. If you are to believe the things that big insurance companies tell you, there are thousands of drivers on Texas roadways driving without insurance and just itching to cause an accident.

If you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage and you have a run in with one of these nefarious drivers, you are going to be paying big. It only stands to reason that you purchase the coverage to protect yourself. Right? Wrong.

When you are involved in an accident without someone that has neglected to insure themselves or their vehicle, you will have to haul them to court before you can hope to see a dime. According to rules set down by the Texas Supreme Court, you cannot make a claim unless a judge says you can.

So, the questions then becomes is uninsured motorist coverage worth it in the state of Texas? The answer is: Probably not. If you can swing the coverage, go for it. But if the extra money tacked onto your premium is going to put you in the red, skip it. You’re going to have to go to court to be compensated anyway.

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