Vote Steve Adler for Mayor

The Loewy Law Firm is very excited to support Steve Adler for Mayor of Austin. We encourage everyone to vote for him. This is a very important election.

Here are the main reasons we support Steve:

1. Steve is a successful business owner
Steve has run a successful small business (Barron & Adler) for over twenty years and understands about the challenges of creating business opportunities, managing people, and helping those in need. This is the kind of person we want running this city.

2. Steve is a very good person
We have known for Steve for nearly ten years and can attest to his strong character, his intelligence, and his ability to unite different groups for a common purpose. Steve is a very good person and can be trusted completely.

3. Steve represents a new way forward
Steve’s main opponents in this race are current Council members Mike Martinez and Sheryl Cole. These two people have served on Council for over eight years and our law firm has had many interactions with them on civil rights case. Martinez and Cole are very dishonest and divisive. (we will examine their track record in public office in another blog post).

Simply put, it is time for a change. We need a new leader to pave the way for this city in this important years ahead. Steve Adler is that person. Please vote him on November 4th.