What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Austin Car Accident Lawyer?

If you were involved in a minor fender bender in which no one was injured, you might not need the help of an attorney. But if you suffered injuries or property damage, you should meet with an attorney as soon as possible. The simple fact is that an experienced personal injury lawyer gives you a much better chance of securing the full compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and other losses.

At Loewy Law Firm, we have recovered more than $30 million to date on behalf of injured Texans like you, and we are standing by to put this experience to work for you. Not only do we offer free consultations, but we work on contingency, which means we only get paid when you do. Contact us today to find out how our Austin car accident lawyer can help you.

How Loewy Law Firm Can Help with Your Car Accident Case

Loewy Law Firm has a long track record of getting our Austin-area clients the money they need after accidents that weren’t their fault. We can help you by:

  • Providing a free case assessmentWe understand that our clients are naturally concerned about their financial situations after a major car accident. That’s why we evaluate your case for free during an initial consultation. We will explain your rights and offer you our perspective on your options, what your case could be worth, and its potential outcomes.

  • Investigating the crash – In order to establish the facts of your case, we will need to conduct a thorough investigation of the underlying accident. We can use our resources to review accident reports, collect and preserve evidence that supports your claim, and determine who could be liable for compensating you. Many accidents, including those involving commercial trucks, can have multiple at-fault parties, each of which could be liable.

  • Consulting with experts – We regularly work with a network of experts who can provide valuable insight into the accident, your injuries, and your compensable losses. For instance, we may consult with medical experts who can give their opinion on your condition and prognosis, as well as accident reconstruction experts who can testify about how a crash occurred and who might be to blame.

  • Negotiating with the insurance company – Insurance companies are averse to large payouts because they hurt their bottom lines. The claims adjuster’s job is to scrutinize your claim and search for ways they can contest it. They might try to shift blame for the accident over to you to reduce their payout or even deny liability altogether. You need a legal advocate who can push back against the insurance company’s tactics and fight for every penny you deserve.

  • Presenting a strong case at trialWhile most cases end in a settlement, sometimes it’s necessary to go to court to get the full and fair compensation an accident victim needs. We won’t hesitate to file a formal complaint with the appropriate court on your behalf and present a strong, effective case before a judge or jury.

These are just some of the most important benefits our lawyers can provide if you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Austin. Contact Loewy Law Firm right away so that you can take advantage of our legal knowledge and experience.

Why It’s Important to Contact an Attorney After an Auto Accident

At Loewy Law Firm, we understand that you’re probably under a lot of stress after a car accident. You could be left with vehicle damage that makes it hard to get to work or debilitating injuries that prevent you from working at all. You might be facing expensive medical bills that threaten your long-term financial security. If someone else is to blame for these losses, they should also have to compensate you for them. But getting that compensation can be difficult without seasoned legal help.

It’s critical to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a car accident for numerous reasons:

  • Evidence can get lost – Evidence such as crash-scene debris, skid marks, documentation, and even surveillance camera footage can quickly be lost or destroyed, making it hard to establish a strong case for compensation. Memories fade quickly, in which case motorists and witnesses may not be able to provide reliable testimony. The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner they can assemble and preserve this evidence before it becomes lost forever.

  • The insurance company is not your friend – The insurance company representing the at-fault motorist will likely contact you soon after the accident. And when they do, they might pull several tricks to get your case off their books or limit your recovery. They could offer you a quick settlement, which likely won’t cover the full extent of your losses. They might ask for a recorded statement they can later use out of context to shift the blame onto you. You should never discuss anything other than basic contact details with the insurance claims adjuster. In fact, your attorney can handle communications with the insurance company from the minute you hire them.

  • There are strict time limits on pursuing compensation – There is a two-year statute of limitations on car accident lawsuits in Texas. If the statute of limitations passes and you fail to take legal action against the at-fault party, you could be barred from pursuing compensation through the courts. Even if you never intend to sue, this could undermine your bargaining power with the insurance company because you can no longer threaten to take them to court. You should contact a lawyer right away so that they have sufficient time to investigate the accident, gather documentation and testimony, build a strong claim on your behalf, and negotiate a settlement before the two-year deadline passes. That way, if the settlement talks fall through, you still have legal options available to you.

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If you have been harmed in a car accident in Austin and someone else is at fault, reach out to Loewy Law Firm right away. We want to help you hold the at-fault motorist accountable so that you don’t suffer financially because of their careless or negligent actions. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and we’ll tell you what our Austin car accident lawyer can do for you.