What to Do After a Hit and Run

Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough, but what if the other party doesn’t stick around? You get into a car accident and watch, shocked, as the other driver takes off. Do you react differently? Do you follow the same rules? Here is what to know if you are involved in a hit and run.


Just like in any other accident, if you are involved in a hit and run, call the police. If you don’t know the number of the local police, you can always dial 911. Summoning emergency services is the first thing you should do following an accident.

If it is safe to do so, pull out of the direct route of traffic. Stay in your car and wait for help to arrive. If you or anyone in your vehicle is injured, accept any medical attention that is offered. Even if you don’t think you are injured, you never know how you are going to feel when you wake up; at least get checked out.

If you are not hurt and it is safe to do so, get out of your car and take pictures. Be sure to get photos of any damage and the current road conditions. Take pictures of the surrounding area. All of these things may be able to assist you if you end up in court. Ask for the information of any witnesses to the accident and find out if anyone got the license plate number of the person who drove off.


No matter what your instincts are pushing you to do, don’t drive off after the other vehicle. You may be tempted to do so thanks to the anger that you are feeling, but what are you going to do if you catch up to the person? You aren’t the police; let them do their job.

Don’t fail to contact your insurance company. Even though you don’t have the information for the other driver, you will still want to get the ball rolling when it comes to getting your vehicle repaired.

Essentially, being involved in a hit and run is no different than being in a “normal” car crash. Follow the same steps and let the police sort out the rest.

If you have been hurt in a car crash, call our offices as soon as possible. A member of our team will review the details of your case at no cost to you. Call now and let us help you get the compensation that you may be entitled to by law.

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