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Woman Plows Into Scientology Church

AUSTIN, TX – A woman ran her car into a Scientology church, calling the religion an evil one. According to reports, the woman sat outside of the church for approximately 10 minutes last Monday before hitting the gas and running her car into the building.

Erin McMurtry, 31, pulled up to the curb slowly. She continued up the sidewalk before gunning her car and driving through the church’s glass doors. Her car ended up running into the lobby and nursery of the building. She then backed her car out, “shooting the bird” as she did so.

Later in the day, the police were called by the woman’s family, but not because of the accident. Family members said that McMurtry was breaking bottles and throwing objects at a friend’s business. Once police responded to the call, they realized the woman was the hit-and-run driver.

McMurtry admitted to having driven her car into the church, and she inquired as to whether anyone had been hurt. Officers advised the woman that no one has been injured. Her reply was, “That’s too bad.”

McMurtry told police the the church tries to blackmail people. She also stated that she lost it, and that she had waited to drive through the front doors because she was looking for a rock to throw instead. Police are not saying whether or not alcohol was involved. McMurtry was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief at a place of worship. If found guilty of her charge, she faces between two and 10 years in prison.

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