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The Worst Roads in Texas Found in Austin

AUSTIN, TX – Anyone who drives in Texas knows that some of its roads are better avoided. From Austin to Dallas, there are highways that drivers find to be some of the most congested and dangerous in the state. So which roads do you want to avoid if you can? Here’s the answer.

Interstate 35

Interstate 35 is familiar to people who live in an around Austin. It is commonly considered the most congested road in all of the state. More specifically, you will find yourself bumper to bumper on the stretch of highway that travels past UT-Austin and downtown. Travelers won’t fare much better as they travel along Interstate 35 anywhere near Dallas.

LBJ Freeway

Speaking of Dallas, the LBJ Freeway is a headache in itself. In fact, it’s number seven on the list of the worst roads in Texas. You will find the worst area of LBJ Freeway running between Interstate 35 and Central Expressway.

While these two highways are generally considered the worst of the worst in Texas, Tarrant County also has found a place on the list. With number six, Interstate 35W, and number nine, another chunk of Interstate 35.


Clearly Interstate 35 is a major problem in the state, but what about the suburbs? By the time you get to the north of Dallas/Fort Worth, you’re in the clear. Before you get too excited about breaking through the congestion, keep in mind that you have to make it over, you guessed it, Interstate 35.

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