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Austin Drowsy Driver Accident Attorney

Fatigue causes impaired judgment and delayed reactions, just like being intoxicated by alcohol.  Fatigue can also cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel.  A driver who is too tired is a menace on the roads, and if you were hurt by one of these fatigued motorists, you need to call an Austin drowsy driver accident attorney at The Loewy Law Firm for assistance.

Responsibility for Drowsy Driving Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) limit the number of hours truckers can drive with the goal of preventing drowsy driver accidents. If you are hurt by a trucker who has exceeded the maximum number of hours on duty, you likely have a claim against the truck driver and his employer for the motor vehicle collision the driver’s fatigue caused.

If you were involved in a crash with the driver of another car, it can be harder to prove the driver was drowsy. The average person does not keep a log of the number of hours he was in his vehicle, nor is he required to stop driving after a certain period of time.  Unfortunately, too many drivers will stay behind the wheel when they are tired or even if they have started to fall asleep.  While this behavior is not specifically illegal, it is unsafe and it is considered something no reasonable motorist would do.

Under Texas law, a victim of a car accident can pursue a claim for compensation if the crash victim can prove the other driver was negligent (unreasonably careless) and that this carelessness was the cause of the collision.  An Austin drowsy driver accident attorney at The Loewy Law Firm will help you to show that it was unreasonably unsafe for a driver to be behind the wheel when he was drowsy. If you can show this through witness statements, police reports from the scene, expert testimony, and any other available evidence, you should be fully compensated for all losses the drowsy driver has caused.  If you were hurt, you can pursue a civil case for personal injury and if your family member was killed by a drowsy driver, you have a wrongful death claim.

Pursuing a Claim After an Austin Drowsy Driving Crash

The Loewy Law Firm knows many drivers who are overtired are unwilling to admit that they made a mistake and stayed behind the wheel when they should not have.  Our attorneys are experienced in Austin drowsy driving crashes and we have helped many collision victims to investigate their accidents and successfully prove that a drowsy driver was to blame.

Every case is different and you need an advocate to help with your specific accident claim, whether you hope to resolve your drowsy driving case through a settlement with the fatigued driver’s insurer or whether you plan to go to court. Loewy Law Firm will be here every step of the way.  Call today to learn more about how our Austin accident lawyers can help you hold a drowsy driver accountable for hurting you.

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