Pedestrian accidents in Austin are on the rise. Though you don’t expect to be injured when you leave your home to venture out on foot, in a city that’s growing as Austin is, accidents can happen.

Have you or someone you love been injured while walking in Austin? Was this accident caused by a motorist violating traffic laws? If so, you should consider speaking to the Austin pedestrian accident lawyers of Loewy Law Firm about filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit for compensation. We can help you get the compensation you need to move on after a pedestrian accident. Call 512-280-0800 for a free consultation today.

Motorist Responsibilities in Austin

As in most other states, Texas has laws regarding negligence and the responsibility all citizens owe to one another. Negligence is defined as the failure to use proper or reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another. The duty to behave safely and not harm anyone else extends to motorists as well.

Motorists have a responsibility not to harm pedestrians, but pedestrians also have a duty to take reasonable care in crossing an active roadway.

Some of the driver responsibilities toward pedestrians and other vehicles are outlined in the Texas DPS Driver Handbook:

Traffic Violations that Can Lead to Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents happen fast. It only takes one distracted, impaired, or inattentive driver to cause an accident ending in severe injury. Some of the ways motorists can cause pedestrian accidents include:

Common Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents

Injuries from accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles are always more severe for the pedestrian. A person weighing 170 pounds is no match for a typical passenger vehicle weighing anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 pounds. Where the vehicle’s occupant has a safety cage, airbags, anti-lock brakes, and even early-warning systems on some newer vehicles to protect them, a pedestrian has no safety protection at all.

It’s not just the impact with the car the pedestrian has to worry about either. It’s also the secondary impact with the ground or surrounding stationary objects, which can sometimes be more severe than the initial crash.

Some injuries common to pedestrian accidents include the following:

Compensation for a Pedestrian Accident

We will work to help you obtain compensation for your pedestrian accident through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. We can’t provide an estimate for the amount you may be able to obtain until we’ve thoroughly reviewed your case. In general, the greater your losses, the more compensation you should demand from the responsible party.

The value of your claim is determined by examining the losses you’ve sustained. The catch is that you can be compensated for both material and immaterial losses. Material losses are called economic damages, and immaterial losses are called non-economic damages.

Examples of economic damages include the following:

Non-economic damages are subjective and vary widely depending on the circumstances of the accident and your injuries. They relate more to the experience of the accident and the mental trauma associated with it. You may be eligible for compensation for such losses as:

Texas also allows some claimants to collect additional damages in cases of gross negligence, fraud, or outright malice called “exemplary damages.” Unlike compensatory damages, these are not intended to make up for any loss you suffered but are meant as a punishment for the responsible party to deter them from ever acting in the same way again. Talk to your attorney to see if exemplary damages may be available for your claim.

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