When you set out for a walk, whether for exercise, the pleasure of a casual walk, or as a means of getting to a destination, the last thing you expect is to be injured in an accident. In the Austin area, there has been a significant rise in accidents between pedestrians and vehicles.

According to the Pedestrian Safety Campaign created by the Texas Department of Transportation, pedestrian deaths are rising in Texas. In 2020 alone, there were 4,852 Texas accidents that involved pedestrians. Of those, there were 1,211 serious injuries and 731 deaths. That’s a nine percent increase over 2019.

As a pedestrian, you are vulnerable and certainly no match for a car. If you were in an accident while traveling in a car, you would at least have the benefit of a car’s steel structure, along with a motor vehicle’s protective equipment, including seat belts, airbags, and so on. When a motor vehicle crashes into a pedestrian, obviously the damage can be life-changing. And no matter what you do to be safe while walking, you are still at the mercy of distracted drivers.

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The Top Three Distractions Behind the Wheel

Distracted driving is what happens when your focus is on something other than the task of driving. It is becoming more and more common, and the increasing advances in technology play a part. Distracted driving can be one of three types: visual, manual, or cognitive.

All distracted driving is dangerous. Even though people think they can drive safely while doing something else at the same time, whenever a driver’s focus is not on the road, they are apt to cause an accident.

How Do Distracted Motorists Cause Pedestrian Accidents?

When a driver takes their focus off the road for any amount of time, terrible things can happen. Whether that driver is in a car or on a motorcycle, an impact with a pedestrian is always serious. How does distracted driving cause pedestrian accidents? Here are some examples.

These are just a few examples of possible ways distracted driving can result in injuries to pedestrians. There are many others.

Common Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions

When a vehicle runs into or even clips a pedestrian, major injuries can occur. Some of these are:

Compensation for a Pedestrian Accident

When a distracted driver’s car strikes a pedestrian, there is always a price to pay. A victim who suffers an injury because of someone else’s reckless and negligent behavior may be eligible to receive compensation for their costs, financial losses, and more, including:

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