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Austin Illegal Driving Maneuvers Accident Attorney

Turning from the wrong lane, making an illegal U-Turn, going the wrong way on a one-way, and passing in a no-passing zone are a few of many illegal driving maneuvers that create a significant risk of a motor vehicle accident. When a driver breaks the rules of the road and you or someone you love is hurt as a result, an Austin illegal driving maneuvers accident attorney at The Loewy Law Firm is here for you.

Our injury lawyer believes every motorist deserves to be treated with respect on the roads. This means other drivers need to exercise reasonable caution and avoid engaging in high-risk maneuvers that are likely to cause harm. We fight to hold motorists accountable when they put their own needs first and caused crashes because they couldn’t follow basic driving safety rules.

Who is Responsible for a Crash Caused by an Illegal Driving Maneuver

Whenever a driver violates a safety law, this creates the presumption that he was negligent. In motor vehicle crash claims, a victim or a surviving family member of someone killed in a crash can pursue a claim for damages if they can prove that negligence was the direct cause of the accident.

This means that if you can show the safety law violation, this is sufficient to prove negligence and you simply have to show the illegal maneuver was the direct cause of the collision.  When you successfully convince the insurance company or a jury of this fact, you are entitled to full and fair compensation for all damages you’ve endured.

The Loewy Law Firm knows that it can sometimes be hard to prove a driver made an illegal maneuver. The driver could claim he was following the rules of the road and did not do the illegal actions..  We’ll help you to make sure it is not just your word against the word of the other motorist. We can find accident reconstruction experts who can help to prove what happened, as well as interviewing witnesses, obtaining footage from any nearby cameras, and otherwise doing what it takes to show how the crash happened.

Our Austin illegal driving maneuvers accident lawyer has helped many crash victims to hold drivers accountable after they did something they should not have on the roads. We can also help victims to determine if any other individuals or businesses, such as the employer of the careless driver, may be to blame for the resulting crash.

Getting Help from an Austin Attorney after an Illegal Driving Maneuvers Accident

Driving safety laws exist for a reason. A motorist who disregards them should be held responsible for all economic and financial losses that he caused if his negligence leads to a crash.  The Loewy Law Firm works hard to help crash victims negotiate settlements or prevail in litigation so they do not suffer uncompensated losses because of illegal maneuvers. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can put our legal experience in car crashes to work to help you make your case.

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