What Do Medical Malpractice Attorneys Do?

If you think you have suffered from medical malpractice, or even if you aren’t sure, the best thing you can do is contact an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice. Often, your initial consultation will be free. During this first meeting, your attorney will ask you a few questions to get a picture of what happened, and whether your case constitutes medical malpractice. This includes whether there was a doctor-patient relationship (if the doctor treated you directly, there was a relationship), the doctor’s actions you believe led to your injury and other basic questions they can use to begin their investigation.

From there, the legal side of the case begins. The attorney will file a motion and other paperwork that lets the offending doctor and the court system that you are bringing a lawsuit. Then, they will investigate the case, including speaking to other doctors, to see if negligence was a factor in your injury. If the case goes to trial, the attorney will represent you to ensure you get a favorable decision from the jury. If the doctor decides they want to settle out of court, your attorney will represent you in negotiations to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.