Man Outlines Dangers of Vacation Rentals


A man has recently come forward publicly to outline the events surrounding the death of his father two years ago. He has done this in hopes of alerting people to the dangers of renting vacation accommodations from sites like Airbnb. According to Zak Stone, his family rented a home in Austin two years ago with the intention of celebrating Thanksgiving. Among the amenities in the home was a swing hanging from a tree outside. Stone’s father tried the swing out and ultimately lost his life. Stone explains the events as follows: The family found a cottage for rent… Read More

Homemade Swing Leads to Backyard Accident

backyard swing

A tragic accident claimed the life of a child in a community just southwest of San Antonio over the weekend. According to official reports, the boy, Jeremiah Martinez, 8, was playing in his backyard by himself. It is apparent that he was playing on a homemade rope swing and accidentally strangled himself. The person who found the boy is not being named in public reports at this time. The child was transported to University Hospital in San Antonio where he, sadly, passed away from his injuries. The sheriff’s office in La Salle County is not releasing any… Read More

Police Officers Moving to a House Near You

Suburban house

AUSTIN, TX – We all want to feel safe in our homes. We lock our doors at night, some of us even have security systems installed. How safe would we feel if we had a police officer living right next door? The city of Austin believes that having police officers living in the city would benefit residents, and they are going so far as to offer possible incentives to officers who are willing to move out of the suburbs and into the city. According to Council Member Kathie Tovo, the group is hoping to draft a resolution that would… Read More

Rock Band Injured in Austin Accident

Rock Band

AUSTIN, TX – An accident in Austin has left several people hurt and two people dead. The rock band The Ghost Inside was traveling on their tour bus on a two-lane road. The bus, carrying members of the band and various crew members, was traveling east of El Paso when their tour bus collided head-on with a truck. Each driver was killed, and 10 people were injured. The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the crash, and details of any possible causes have not been released. A statement was released on the band’s Facebook page that said, “All… Read More

Fire Battalion Chief Suspended Over Crash

fire chief helmet

AUSTIN, TX – A fire battalion chief has been temporarily suspended after being involved in a car accident that officials say could have been prevented. According to reports, Battalion Chief Jeff Pine has been suspended for a period of three days. The cause of the suspension is twofold: A crash on August 15 and the wearing of an altered uniform. Reports detailing the exact nature of the accident were not released, but a disciplinary memo written by the city’s fire chief, Rhoda Mae Kerr mentioned the fact that the city’s vehicle, which Pine had at the time of the… Read More

Truck Versus Motorcycle Crash on FM 812


BASTROP COUNTY, TX – On October 23, 2015, a motorcycle and a car collided on FM 812 near Highway 21. The driver of the car, a Chevy Avalanche, has been charged with two counts of intoxicated manslaughter. According to officials, the crash occurred around 2:00 a.m. at the 2100 block of FM 812. A motorcycle was heading north on the highway when a Chevy Avalanche, heading south, crossed into the northbound lane, hitting the motorcycle head on. The riders on the motorcycle, a 51-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, were pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of… Read More

Local Educators Involved in Serious Accident

car accident

AUSTIN, TX – On October 10, 2015, a crash took the lives of a mother-daughter team of local educators. The women worked for the Simi Valley and Oak Park unified school districts, and their passing has left many in shock. According to reports, a minivan ran a red light, striking the passenger side of the women’s car. Irene Edwards, 64, died at the scene. Her daughter, Kate Edwards, 33, was transported to Seton Hospital Williamson and died later that night. Rick Edwards, Irene’s husband and Kate’s father, along with Dave Foy, Kate Edwards’ fiancé, survived the crash. Read More

Concerns About Safety Surround Boating Accident

destroyed boat dock

AUSTIN, TX – A deadly boat crash occurred on Lake Austin on October 11, and residents are voicing their concerns that dock construction has made the lake more dangerous for boaters and other operators of water craft. According to area homeowner Erin McClusky, the area on the water is now very narrow due to the construction. Boats and jet skis trying to pass one another get too close to each other and to the dock as well. “It can be really dangerous,” McCluskey said. The building permit for the boat dock was granted in April. Neighbors began… Read More

Single-Vehicle Collision Leaves Driver Injured

telephone pole

CEDAR PARK, TX – A single-vehicle accident resulted in the deaths of four people on October 19, 2015. According to police reports, the accident happened in the 1700 block of North Bell near the Thompson intersection. The crash occurred at 4:17 a.m. for reasons that remain unknown. Residents in the area were startled by the commotion that happened before many were out of bed. Police say that a single vehicle was traveling north on Highway 183. That vehicle went off of the road and hit a power pole. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Round Rock… Read More

Man Interviewed While Clinging to Tree

tree with broken branch

AUSTIN, TX – The flooding that occurred just before Halloween weekend left six people dead in the city. Tornadoes and floods presented further danger as people scrambled for safety. That storm ravaged central Texas for two nights, causing normally calm rivers to rise from their banks and spill onto streets and bridges. One man was caught up in the flooding and swept over a bridge in his vehicle. Kerry Packer somehow kept his wits about him as he was carried over a bridge in his car. He first dialed 9-1-1 for assistance, and then began to shoot… Read More