Austin Storms Pose Threat of Flooding

storm clouds

AUSTIN, TX – Last week’s storms wreaked havoc on Austin. Even though the worst of the weather had moved out of the area by Sunday, flooding dangers remained. Residents were stranded, streets were impassable, and one man was even interviewed from his perch in a tree. Now that the storm has passed, residents of the city must be on the lookout for floods and other storm-related damage. Now is the perfect time to remind people about flood safety. If you come to a road that is covered by water, do not attempt to cross it or drive down… Read More

No Prosecution for Police Shooting; Dark Day for Civil Rights in Austin, TX

October 29 was one of the darkest days in the history of Austin, Texas. A Federal Judge granted immunity to former Austin Police Officer Charles Kleinert, who killed Larry Jackson Jr. Kleinert tracked Larry down, beat him and then put his gun on the back of Larry’s neck and pulled the trigger. Larry was on his hands and knees when he was shot. A muzzle imprint was literally on the back of his neck. Kleinert admitted under oath that Larry was not posing a threat to him. Kleinert was subsequently indicted for Manslaughter but due to some arcane law… Read More

Boat Crashes Into Concrete Barge

Staten Island Ferry Crash

AUSTIN, TX – A boating accident left two people dead and residents near the area are saying that the incident could have been prevented. Shawn Hurwitz, 50, and Jennifer Walley, 34, both died after the boat they were in crashed into a barge Sunday on Lake Austin. Resident Kenneth Hausmann said that the lake is more dangerous now than it has ever been. “A lot of people are from out of town,” Hausmann said, in part, “The other thing is, as Austin grows, we have more houses on the lake and more people. There’s a lot more… Read More

Massive Rains Cause Flooding in Austin

hurricane flooding

AUSTIN, TX – Hurricane Patricia rolled over Mexico this weekend and the resultant rains in Austin caused heavy flooding in some areas. In one section of Texas, a train was swept off the tracks. In another, a man walking his dog was taken off of his feet and is still missing. Rainfall records in Austin were reached as of Sunday. Roads were covered and driving conditions were harrowing. Water was released into Lady Bird Lake from Lake Austin as floodgates were activated. Eventually, flood advisories were replaced with warnings, and the waters began to recede. Average rainfalls… Read More

Shia LeBeouf Arrested in Austin

shia lebouf

AUSTIN, TX – Popular screen actor Shia LaBeouf has found himself on the wrong side of the law again, this time in Austin. The actor, perhaps most well-known for his role in Transformers, was arrested in our fair city after going on a drunken rant. According to reports, LaBeouf was located on a street in Austin. The actor was allegedly drunk. The arresting officer noted in his report that LaBeouf has a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” about his person at the time of the encounter. The actor also had slurred speech. In the report, the officer… Read More

Officials to Drivers: Be on the Lookout for Deer

male deer

SOUTH AUSTIN, TX – Local authorities are urging motorists to keep their eyes open as they drive down the city’s highways. Motorists are not being told to watch out for one another, but for a far more nefarious creature: Bambi. Clearly, you are not being told to look out for the Bambi, but for deer. October not only brings cooler weather and one of the most fun holidays of the year, but deer season. According the State Farm, you have a 1 in 169 chance of hitting a deer. That may not seem like much, but take… Read More

Six Injured in Houston Scaffolding Collapse

austin building

HOUSTON, TX – Drive through downtown Houston on any given day, and there is a good chance you will notice construction. Be it on the highways or on the buildings, it seems like something is always happening in the city. Sadly, what happened on Friday was not what anyone wanted to see. Six workers were injured when a scaffolding on the side of a seven-story building collapsed. The accident was so severe that rubble was scattered along an entire block. The good news is that although the six people were injured, none of those injuries was… Read More

National Night Out a Success


AUSTIN, TX – Last Tuesday, Austin neighborhoods participated in National Night Out. The night out is an annual event held throughout the city, aimed at bringing citizens, law enforcement, and other first responders together. During the event, people were asked to lock up their homes and spend the evening socializing with one another. Porch lights were turned on, neighborhoods shined brightly, and a sense of comradery was instilled in all. The event’s goal is to help neighbors and law enforcement officers come together to better protect the city. According to organizers, National Night Out works every year to… Read More

U.S. 183 Closed After Accident

car crash

AUSTIN, TX – An accident shut down U.S. 183 last Monday for several hours. The accident occurred just south of Austin in the morning hours. One man was taken from the scene with life-threatening injuries and another man died. A man thought to be in his 20s was transported from the scene via helicopter. He had to be extricated from his vehicle by emergency responders. Another man, also thought to be in his 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash was not cleared until just before 11:00 a.m., nearly two hours after the accident occurred. All… Read More

Skydivers Involved in Texas Plane Crash


AUSTIN, TX – It is not unusual for people to be afraid of flying. Many simply do not trust that a plane will stay in the air. Others are afraid of taking off or landing. Typically, skydivers, pilots, flight attendants and the like do not have these fears. Sadly, a pilot was killed Sunday after his single-engine plane crashed to the ground in Lexington. Aboard the plane were also three others who were able to safely parachute to the ground. The cause of the crash is not known, though investigators say they expect to release a… Read More