Austin Officials Urge Helmet Use

motorcycle helmet

AUSTIN, TX – A mother’s worst nightmare came true last weekend when her daughter was killed in a car crash in downtown Austin. Natalie Renee Dailey was laid to rest Saturday, surrounded by friends and family. The incident occurred when a driver failed to yield, striking the motorcycle that Dailey was a passenger on. The short ride on 15th Street proved to be a dangerous one. For the family who recently lost its father, the woman’s death is particularly difficult. According to those who knew her, Dailey’s loves included children, family and music. The First Baptist Church where… Read More

Motorcycle Accident Brings Highway to Standstill


AUSTIN, TX – Commuting in Austin can be a nightmare before and after business hours, but traffic was at a complete standstill for hours mid-morning on Friday. I-35, just south of Austin, was a no-driving zone for hundreds as first responders and tow-trucks worked to clear an accident. A biker, traveling with a second motorcyclist from Tennessee to San Antonio, was involved in an accident near the Kyle Parkway bridge. The pair of motorcyclists were less than 60 minutes from completing their trip. After an initial investigation, officers suggest that a car either swerved or changed lanes, coming… Read More

Alleged Overserving Means Lawsuit for Local Establishments


AUSTIN, TX – You know when you are intoxicated, and when one more is going to be one too many. Unfortunately, not everyone stops drinking when they should. This is especially true when in an establishment that continues to pour drinks when the well should have run dry. Two men have filed suit against Moontower Saloon and Alamo Drafthouse, claiming that both bars served too much alcohol to a woman who ultimately drove the wrong way on a street, crashing into the men’s vehicle. On June 19, 2015, Victoria Garcia, 22, crashed her car into one being driven… Read More

Small Aircraft Lands Near Texas 130

Cessna airplane

AUSTIN, TX – Driving down the highway, you expect to see airplanes in the sky. Chances are that you have seen jets and small, personal aircraft alike when you look up into the great blue beyond. What you do not expect to see, however, is a plane making a landing near the same toll booth you are driving through. That is exactly what happened on Tuesday when a personal aircraft made an emergency landing near Elroy Road and Texas 130 service road. The area is just south of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. According to early reports, there were two people… Read More

Man Charged in Death of Partner

AUSTIN, TX – A domestic dispute between a young couple ended tragically in one’s death and the other being accused of causing that death. The couple, Bryan Canchola and Stephen Sylvester, returned to their apartment after a night on the town, according to police reports. A roommate told police that he awoke to what sounded like a violent argument at about 4:13 a.m. Friday. He believed that the fight was over fidelity. The roommate asked the pair to quiet down. A short time later, the couple’s dog was heard yelping as the victim cried out to, “Let the… Read More

Austin Needs More ‘No Refusal’ Weekends: Crash Leading to $600,000 Settlement is Proof

The Austin Police Department conducts a July 4th “No Refusal” weekend every year. Many people grumble about the strict measures. However, anyone who has been affected by a drunk driver knows the terrible repercussions of drunk driving. Our personal injury law firm specializes in catastrophic injuries. Some of the worst we have seen? From drunk driving accidents. Two Austin women were driving when a truck slammed into them. The truck belonged to a local Austin company and was driven by one of their employees. The two women suffered painful injuries and were rushed to the ER. The aftermath of… Read More

School Principal Wins Amazing Austin Home

AUSTIN, TX – Talk about luck! We love a feel-good story, especially when it involves our city. Fans of HGTV may already know, but Isabel Villarreal’s dreams came true last week when she was named the winner of Austin “Smart Home” sponsored by the popular television channel. The Rio Grande Valley resident entered the contest twice each day since April. Her name was picked at random from 40 million entrants. “It was the most wonderful news I had heard in my entire life.” Villarreal is mom to three daughters and an elementary school principal. “I love Austin,” she… Read More

Woman Dies in Texas Jail


WALLER COUNTY, TX – On a normal Friday, Sandra Bland, 28, was driving through a Texas town and found herself pulled over by the police. The incident resulted in a charge of assault on a public servant, Bland’s arrest and, ultimately, her death. Friends, relatives, and activists are all questioning the official report: suicide by hanging. A friend told an ABC affiliate, “The Waller County Jail is trying to rule her death a suicide and Sandy would not have taken her own life. Sandy was strong. Strong mentally and spiritually.” A video depicting a portion of Bland’s arrest… Read More

Operation Over-Serve Hitting Austin Bars

Austin police have taken a new initiative against drunk drivers. The department is now targeting bars in the city that over-serve patrons. As a result of an undercover investigation, police discovered that some bars are serving alcohol to people who should have ultimately been cut off. Operation Over-Serve began last weekend and, as a result, two bars received citations. Police say that they have seen an increase in people who are not just drunk, but overly intoxicated. Some of these people contribute to disturbances and DWI accidents. The increase led police to look for a way to curb the… Read More

Adam Loewy Featured in Austin MD Magazine

Adam Loewy was featured in the premiere health and medical community magazine in Austin – Austin MD. The article is a snapshot of how our firm helps clients and gives back to the community. You can read the full piece below. Adam Loewy Practicing law differently sets this attorney apart by Jon Black “We focus on leaving a legacy in our clients’ lives,” says Attorney Adam Loewy. “We aren’t just here to work a personal injury case. We help our clients any way we can whether it’s medical care, counseling or anything else. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have… Read More