Bus Crashes Up, Injuries Down

As Austin grows, more buses are on the road. People demand a suitable option when it comes to public transportation, and the city has stepped up. Not surprisingly, there are more accidents than ever before involving Cap Metro buses. According to reports from KXAN News, more buses were involved in accidents between January and May of this year than during the same time last year. Through the month of May, there were 202 accidents reported. While no crash is good news, it is important to note that the number of accidents that were not reasonably preventable were greater… Read More

Man Arrested for DWI Blows Five Times Legal Limit

An Austin man was arrested last week for driving under the influence. While someone being arrested for DUI is not exactly news in the city, the man’s blood alcohol concentration is certainly newsworthy at 0.414. In Austin, and throughout Texas, the legal limit is 0.08. This makes the man’s reading nearly five times what is allowable by law. A blood test was given to the man to confirm the preliminary breath reading. The man’s blood alcohol concentration after the second test was registered at 0.353:  just over four times the legal limit. According to reports, officers were called… Read More

Austin Crashes Attributed to Wrong-Way Drivers

AUSTIN, TEXAS – William Marsden recently told reporters at KXAN that he can hear car horns throughout the day from his home in West Campus. Why? Because nearby is Rio Grande, a one-way street. People turn onto the street the wrong way frequently because they are unfamiliar with the area and the signage is difficult to see. “I think there are some inattentive drivers, but also a lack of signage,” Marsden told reporters. The problem is not unique to Austin. The Texas Department of Transportation is currently conducting a study on the best way to keep drivers on the… Read More

Austin Needs More ‘No Refusal’ Weekends: Crash Leading to $600,000 Settlement is Proof

The Austin Police Department conducts a July 4th “No Refusal” weekend every year. Many people grumble about the strict measures. However, anyone who has been affected by a drunk driver knows the terrible repercussions of drunk driving. Our personal injury law firm specializes in catastrophic injuries. Some of the worst we have seen? From drunk driving accidents. Two Austin women were driving when a truck slammed into them. The truck belonged to a local Austin company and was driven by one of their employees. The two women suffered painful injuries and were rushed to the ER. The aftermath of… Read More

TxDOT Reveals “Talk, Text, Crash” in Austin

Drive through downtown Austin and you will notice that the Texas Department of Transportation has ramped up its campaign against texting and driving. According to the department, the campaign is an attempt to prevent crashes on Austin’s roadways and those throughout the state. Officials from the department say that close to 500 people were killed in Texas last year due to distracted-driving crashes. More than 3,000 more people were injured. In the city of Austin alone, there were thousands of collisions that were ultimately attributed to distracted driving. Very near the Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue, you will notice the… Read More

Family Sues Bar for Negligence


AUSTIN, TX – A deadly car crash in April took the lives of two young children. The family of the siblings has filed suit against the bar, Cover 2, that allegedly sold the driver of the other vehicle alcohol. According to the lawsuit, the Cover 2 patron continued to consume alcohol until he was drunk. Bar employees then allowed John Alvarado, the alleged intoxicated driver in the collision, to leave the bar. The establishment is located on U.S. Highway 183, just under a mile from Anderson Mill Road. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are listed as Robby and Crystal Draper. The… Read More

Sober Drivers Not Available for Austin Lawmakers

small car

AUSTIN, TX – Texas lawmakers are on their own if they choose to drink and drive and, now, so are those in California. Reporters, recently finding out that California lawmakers have access to two personal drivers should they overindulge, asked Texas lawmakers if they had the same privilege. Senate Administration Committee Chairman Kelly Hancock texted “no” in reply. The chambers in Austin’s government have hired no late-night or early-morning drivers to help their members get home when impaired while in Austin. The Sacramento Bee, released a report last week disclosing California’s little-known benefit. Each personal driver was hired… Read More

Civil Rights Suit Filed on Behalf of Bikers


Bikers involved in the Waco motorcycle gang remain jailed, and an Austin attorney has filed a petition on their behalf. Keith Hampton has made it clear that he is not representing any of the accused, but he felt compelled to come to the aid of the 144 bikers who have been held in jail for close to 20 days without a bond hearing. The incident involving the bikers occurred on May 17. A total of 176 people were arrested at Twin Peaks in Waco. The shootout left nine people dead. Says Mindy Milford, Austin Criminal Attorney, “Here we… Read More

Pedestrian Struck in DWI Accident

Downtown Austin

AUSTIN, TX – An Austin man has been charged with DWI after striking and killing a female pedestrian on Riverside Drive. Trevor M. Taylor, 24, is alleged to have been driving a black Camaro down the street just before 2:30 a.m. when he struck the woman. The female victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The passenger in the vehicle was taken to University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Police report that Taylor did stop to provide aid to the woman. Ultimately, it was suspected that Taylor may have been under the influence… Read More

No Refusal Holiday Weekend in Austin

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AUSTIN, TX – Memorial Day weekend saw a ‘No Refusal’ initiative hit the streets of Austin that had 30 people in custody for DWI Friday night. 12 separate arrests were made as a result of breath-test failures, and 18 arrests were made from blood tests. Friday night outpaces the entire weekend of 2014 when only 28 arrests were made throughout the city. In 2014, 111 people were arrested throughout Austin for DWI, including those arrested as a result of ‘No Refusal’. Last year, there were 154 traffic collisions, including one that resulted in a fatality and six that resulted in… Read More