Author Answers to New Felony Charge


The author of Junction Boys and Twelve Might Orphans is facing a new felony charge. Jim Dent, 62, was indicted in Williamson County on Thursday for failure to appear and bail jumping. A resident of the Collin County Detention Center since February 15, Dent saw the charge handed down on Tuesday. The newest indictment, a third-degree felony, stems from the author’s failure to appear at a sentencing hearing over a year ago in February 2014. At that time, Dent was to be sentenced for driving while intoxicated. Dent had crashed into a tollbooth on State Highway 45 on… Read More

Multiple DUIs Net Life in Prison

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How many people are serving life sentences for DWI arrests? If you are speaking of Texas, the answer is 32. The majority of people serving life are from Williamson County, with Hays County poised to take the lead. Some people wonder how it can happen, and others wonder why it doesn’t happen more often. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice detail several people who are sitting behind bars for the rest of their days, thanks to poor choices. One such person is Rose Ann Davidson. Pulled over in 2013, Davidson was handed her 6th DWI arrest. On this… Read More

Motorcycle Accident Serves as Safety Reminder


A motorcycle accident that claimed the life of a motorcycle’s driver remains under investigation by Austin Police. The crash occurred in Downtown Austin on Wednesday morning along North MoPac near Fifth Street. Just after 8:30 a.m., police responded to the scene and transported the man to University of Medical Center Brackenridge where he later died. Although the accident is still under investigation, drivers on the road with the man report that he was observed to be driving recklessly considering the traffic at the time. The man was observed to be traveling at high rates of speed as he dodged between… Read More

Nine Hurt in I-35 Pileup

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Tuesday, April 21, was a day that changed the lives of nine people, including one child. Each was taken to the hospital following a seven-vehicle crash that shut down the northbound lanes of I-35 for several hours. The traffic problems stemming from the accident continued well into the evening commute. The accident occurred near Riverside Drive. According to Austin-Travis County EMS, two adults were trapped in their vehicles, including one adult who was trapped inside of a motor home. Each of the nine people transported to the hospital had serious but non-life threatening injuries. This multi-car collision brings to light… Read More

Deadly Car Crash in North Austin

Deadly Car Crash in North Austin Could Result in a Wrongful Death Claim This morning, a tragic car accident left an Austin man dead and two people in custody. You can read the original story here on KVUE. Austin police are investigating the car crash, which involved two vehicles and happened in North Austin between Parmer Lane and Lamplight Village Avenue. Initial reports from the scene say that two people fled on foot but were chased by police and brought into custody. They are currently at University Medical Center Brackenridge being treated for minor injuries. The reports… Read More

Adam Loewy Appears on KVUE to discuss TASER Case

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Adam Loewy appeared on KVUE last night to discuss the latest developments in a high profile TASER case our law firm is handling.  The case involves the Tasing of a young man named Noe Nino de Rivera, who was TASED in a hallway in Cedar Creek High School in November. As a survelliance video shows, Noe was not being aggressive or doing anything wrong yet he was unjustifiably Tased by Bastrop Sheriff Deputy Randy McMillan.  As a result of the Tasing, Noe fell back, slammed his head, and sustained a very serious Traumatic Brain Injury.  He was in a… Read More

Adam Loewy discusses Round Rock Tasing Incident on Fox News Austin

Adam Loewy, owner of the Loewy Law Firm, appeared on Fox News Austin last night to discuss the Tasing of a Round Rock High School student.  The student was attempting to break up a fight in the high school and a school resource officer (SRO) tased him.  Thankfully, it appears the student did not get hurt.  Nonetheless, we believe there is simply no reason SROs should be using Tasers in high schools. We represent Noe Nino de Rivera, a Cedar Creek High School student who Tased last November and who slammed his head on the floor.  As a result, he… Read More

New York Times Editorial on a Loewy Law Case

The New York Times ran an editorial on the case of Noe Nino de Rivera, a young man the Loewy Law Firm is proud to represent.  Noe was unjustifiably Tased by a Bastrop Sheriff Deputy in the hallway of Cedar Creek High School in November.  Noe flew back and slammed his head into the concrete.  As a result, he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and spent 52 days in a medically induced coma.  He is currently in a full-time in-patient brain injury rehabilitation center. We have been helping Noe and his family from the moment we were hired immediately… Read More

Imported Food Creates Product Liability Issues for US Companies

American consumers depend on other countries for much of the food they purchase every year. The US exports annually about $133 billion in food, the majority consisting of soybeans, corn, and meat/poultry; as well as importing food valued at $110 billion in fish, vegetables, and fruits. Imported foods can create product liability issues for any company that handles them, throughout the entire distribution network. The top food importers to the US are: Japan, China, and Mexico, even Peru and Colombia have more US-registered food facilities than many states. This imported food puts an unreasonable burden on the Food and Drug… Read More

Loewy Law Firm Successfully Secures Compensation for Local Injured Victims

The Loewy Law Firm has recently secured a number of successful resolutions for local injured Texans. In the firm’s most recent case, Austin personal injury attorney Adam Loewy – our firm’s founding lawyer – managed to secure a $560,000 settlement for a local Austin woman who was seriously injured in a head on collision. The woman suffered two broken legs during the accident and was forced to endure a painful and lengthy recovery process. The driver of the other vehicle was texting at the time of the accident – a point Attorney Loewy stressed when illustrating the motorist’s negligence. All… Read More