Austin Apartment Negligence Lawyers

Did you or someone you love get hurt in your apartment or in an apartment you were visiting? An Austin apartment negligence lawyer can help you determine if your injuries give rise to a damage claim. If you can prove someone was to blame for an accident at an apartment, you should be fully compensated for losses.

The Loewy Law Firm is an Austin-based injury firm that only represents clients who have been hurt or who have lost loved ones. Give us a call today so our Austin premises liability lawyers can investigate the apartment injuries you sustained, help you determine if you have a case, and get started on assembling evidence. We offer a case evaluation that is 100 percent free with no obligations and we’ll help you understand your rights. Get in touch now, we’ll answer key questions you may have including:

  • Who is responsible for apartment negligence in Austin?
  • What kinds of injuries can you recover compensation for after negligence in an Austin apartment?
  • How can an Austin apartment negligence lawyer help you?

Who Is Responsible for Apartment Negligence in Austin?

In most cases, tenants are responsible for the conditions they create in their own apartments while landlords are responsible for common areas and overall building safety. If you visit a friend in an apartment and trip on debris they left on the floor, you could sue your friend to obtain compensation. This would likely be paid to you by your friend’s renter’s insurer.

Most accidents and injuries caused by apartment negligence, however, are the fault of the apartment owner and landlord, and/or are the fault of the property maintenance company entrusted to care for the space. Landlords and property managers can be held accountable to both tenants and guests when injuries or accidents happen.

What Kinds of Injuries Can You Recover Compensation for After Austin Apartment Negligence?

There are many different kinds of illnesses and injuries which may result in victims obtaining compensation from landlords, property managers, or other responsible parties. Examples include:

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are among the most common apartment negligence-related injuries. Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, including in common areas—such as patios, lawns, stairways, and lobbies—and in private apartment units. When they’re caused by dangerous hazards such as loose floorboards that a landlord, property manager, or tenant knew about and failed to eliminate, the responsible party could be liable.

Dog Bites

Many apartment buildings in Austin allow pets. If a tenant fails to keep an aggressive, violent dog under control, then they could be responsible for a dog attack and resulting injuries. Texas has a “one-bite” rule which allows owners one dog bite before they can be held liable for the dog’s behavior. After one instance of aggression, they are much more likely to be considered negligent if they fail to prevent another dog bite. Landlords can also be held responsible. If they didn’t properly screen the dog and failed to notice that it was dangerous, they could be held liable for negligence too.

Elevator Accident Injuries

Elevator accidents can result in devastating injuries. It’s the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the elevator is inspected and maintained in accordance with the elevator manufacturer’s instructions. If the property owner fails to make necessary repairs or neglects to perform regular maintenance, catastrophic accidents can occur.

Toxic Substances

In some cases, renters are exposed to hazardous substances such as lead or mold that the landlord should have removed or remedied. Exposure to these and other hazardous substances can cause illness and injury for which a negligent landlord could be liable.

Fires and Burn Injuries

Electrical problems within the apartment or the building, as well as damaged appliances, can cause fires, shocks, and even electrocution. If the landlord failed to properly maintain the building’s electrical systems or provided faulty electrical appliances, they might be liable for injuries.

Injuries Due to Negligent Security

When property owners neglect to provide an apartment building with adequate security and a dangerous act of violence occurs on the property, the property owners could be held liable. Landlords and property owners have a duty to provide reasonable security measures to protect all lawful residents from criminal acts. Violent assault, rape, battery, and robbery are just some of the types of acts that may occur due to negligent security.

In these and other situations, an Austin apartment negligence lawyer at the Loewy Law Firm will carefully evaluate how you got hurt and help you determine all potential people or entities you could pursue a damage claim against.

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness in your apartment, you might be owed compensation for the cost of your medical treatment, lost wages from missed work, and your pain and suffering. At Loewy Law Firm, we can determine whether your injury or illness qualifies for a personal injury claim. If so, we can demand full and fair compensation from the irresponsible property manager, landlord, or other party that hurt you.

How Can an Austin Apartment Negligence Lawyer Help You?

An Austin personal injury lawyer will be an invaluable ally as you seek to obtain compensation for apartment injuries. Your lawyer can help you identify who was at fault, and can assist in gathering evidence you need to prove liability. Your lawyer will also assist in showing the extent of injuries and economic and financial loss, and will deal with insurance companies and/or court filings on your behalf.

The Loewy Law Firm has a top Avvo Rating of 10, and Adam Loewy is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We bring decades of collective experience to your case and we focus our dedicated attention on fighting for you. When you need an Austin apartment negligence lawyer you can trust, give us a call to schedule your free consultation and learn more about the services we offer.