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If your family lost a loved one in a water accident, a drowning accident lawyer in Austin, TX may be able to help you obtain compensation.

Swimming and other water activities offer fun and exercise, but the risk of drowning is very serious. Hundreds of families suffer the tragedy of losing loved ones in water accidents across Texas each year, and often times, negligence is to blame. One of the most common causes of drowning is lack of supervision. Though public pools, water parks, beaches, and lakes hire lifeguards to protect swimmers from harm, these individuals do not always do their jobs properly. Lifeguards that allow themselves to get distracted may not notice swimmers struggling in the water or taking part in dangerous activities.

Likewise, public pools and water parks that fail to properly maintain equipment or that do not employ the required amount of lifeguards can be to blame for wrongful deaths that occur on their properties. Far too often do headlines report drowning deaths at private residences. Your child could be at risk if they attend a pool party where the homeowners fail to properly supervise the children.

A lack of barriers is another common cause of drowning among young children, because they do not understand the risk of playing near pools. Pool owners may be held responsible if their failure to provide proper barriers or supervision led to death. Safety is very important around boats, as many deaths occur in boating accidents. Boat drivers who are intoxicated, reckless, or inexperienced do not give proper attention to the well-being of their passengers, other boaters, or swimmers. Driving at fast speeds and making dangerous maneuvers increases the risk of hitting swimmers in the water, colliding with other vessels, and throwing passengers from the boat.

Help Prevent Texas Drowning Accidents

The statistics around recreational drowning deaths are tragically staggering. Over five hundred children under the age of ten drown each year in swimming pool accidents, and tens of thousands of people require medical treatment each year for injuries sustained in water-related incidents. Centers for Disease Control data shows that 1 in 4 drowning victims are under the age of fourteen, and scientists have pointed out that private swimming pools are a whopping one-hundred times more likely to lead to a fatal accident than having a handgun in the home. There is a multitude of ways to protect yourself and your family from the serious risk of drowning:

  • Always supervise. Pay careful attention whenever someone swims in your pool, and watch your children diligently when swimming or near water. It is smart to hire a lifeguard when hosting pool parties. Adults can also rotate in and out of being a “designated watcher” so that there is always at least one adult who is exclusively focused on supervising children.
  • Build a barrier. If you have a personal pool, install fencing around the entire area to prevent accidents. This fencing should be at least four feet tall but should not obstruct an adult’s view of the pool from the house. Make sure that your child isn’t easily able to climb the fence, and make sure that any gates have latches that are out of reach for young children. Supervise your children around pools without barriers.
  • Prevent access to your pool and hot tub area. When your pool and/or hot tub are not being used, make sure that children can’t access it. You can secure covers on both your pool and your hot tub to make sure that children can’t get in on a whim. If you have an above-ground pool, you can remove the ladder that ascends or descends into the pool to prevent access. You can also install a floating pool alarm that notifies you when someone jumps in the water.
  • Keep emergency equipment on hand. If you have a private pool, having emergency rescue equipment nearby can save lives. Emergency equipment includes ropes, flotation devices, reaching poles, and shepherd’s crooks.
  • Watch out for drains. Adults should never allow their children to swim or play near a pool or hot tub drain. It is extremely easy for hair and even body parts to become trapped by a drain’s powerful suction.
  • Never swim alone. Adults and children are equally at risk of drowning, which is why it is vital to always swim or boat with at least one other person.
  • Learn to swim. Although swimming lessons are not a substitute for adult supervision, they can be enormously helpful. One of the surest ways to protect yourself, your family, and especially your children from drowning accidents is to teach them how to swim from a young age. This is an important and necessary skill that can prevent awful tragedies from occurring.
  • Do not drink near water. Avoid drinking before you swim or boat and when you are around water. Alcohol slows reaction time and lowers inhibition, and impairs judgment. Alcohol, drugs, and water are a deadly combination that can lead to terrible drowning accidents.
  • Wear safety gear. Young children should wear flotation devices when they’re in the pool, though adults should still keep children under their supervision. Flotation devices are not a substitute for supervision. They’re an extra safety measure. In open bodies of water, both adults and children should wear life jackets and only swim in designated areas.
  • Get cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. Every parent, guardian, and childcare provider should know CPR. This method of resuscitation can literally save a person’s life.

Call an Austin Drowning Accident Attorney

Drowning accidents are terrible and tragic, and the vast majority of cases are preventable. At Loewy Law Firm, we take direction from an aggressive and adamant attorney who is committed to speaking up for those who suffer because of the poor choices of others. Mr. Loewy’s knowledge of personal injury law and his skillful representation techniques help our clients pick up the pieces of their lives after devastating accidents. Negligent behaviors often cause drowning deaths and we believe the victims’ families deserve justice.

The financial strain and emotional stress of undergoing an event as terrible as a drowning accident disrupts normal life and leaves families reeling and unsure of where to turn. We are dedicated to supporting such families and giving them the advocacy needed to start over. Loewy Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis, because we believe that clients should not have to pay if we do not successfully win their cases. There no need to suffer in silence any longer; contact our office today to fight for your right to compensation.