Austin Negligent Security Lawyer

Generally speaking, if an individual is hurt because a property owner failed to make sure that the premises was safe, the injured may be able to collect financial compensation for their suffering with the help of an Austin negligent security lawyer. For example, if a store customer slips and falls because of a spill, the store may be held liable for their injury. If a store customer was attacked in the parking lot because the store failed to provide adequate security, the victim may be able to collect money in a negligent security claim.

What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security occurs when an individual is hurt by a third party on a property because a business, hotel or other establishment failed to protect the premises. In the past, negligent security claims have been filed against hotels, motels, apartment complexes, stores, parking structures, restaurants, malls, shopping centers and other establishments. Legally, landowners are responsible to reasonably anticipate potential crime. Hotels rooms have locks, parking lots and lit at night and apartment complexes may be fenced to ensure residents’ safety. All of these precautions are reasonable – especially in high-crime areas.

In order to protect customers and employees, businesses may provide security camera systems, lighted parking lots, silent alarms, windows without tinting, a cash management policy and a sing indicating that the business cash register contains less than $50. Because of premises liability, property owners usually deal with a security company, make sure that the premises is well lit, provide gates, provide fences, monitor the property with video surveillance, and avoid overgrown landscaping. All of these elements help ensure the safety of customers, tenants, clients and employees. If they are not in place, innocent people are more likely to sufferer injury because of a criminal attack.

Negligent Security Claims in Austin, Texas

If you or a loved one was attacked because of negligent security, an Austin personal injury lawyer form Loewy Law Firm can help. Negligent security claims can be extremely complicated, and may involve significant investigations. For instance, crime grids may be relevant to your case. If the incident occurred in an area with a high crime rate, but the premises owner failed to provide any security or safety precautions, you may be able to file a successful claim. Additionally, previous insurance claims, police reports, incident reports, fencing records, lighting records and other security documents may be needed during the investigation.

Sometimes, a business may be held liable for your injury if they failed to notify you that the property was located in a dangerous area. For instance, if your apartment complex is located in an area typified by armed robberies or break-ins, your landlord may be obligated to tell you about potential risks. In order to ensure customer safety, business owners need to understand local crime grids, state crime data and federal crime data. Additionally, businesses and other establishments need to understand previous crimes that have taken place in the area. Based on this information, establishments can take precautions and security measures.

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