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Austin Prescription Accident Attorney

When most people think of drugged driving, they think of a motorist on marijuana or on some other illegal drug. The sad reality is, prescription drugs can be just as impairing and dangerous to drive on as many illegal substances.

Drivers who take prescription medications are expected to avoid operating vehicles when it is not safe for them to do so. If a motorist makes an unsafe choice and drives his car under the influence of a prescription medication, victims who he hurts in a resulting crash can seek compensation for losses. An Austin prescription accident attorney at The Loewy Law Firm can help crash victims who are seeking monetary damages for the harm they’ve been forced to endure by a drugged driver.

Who is Responsible for Prescription Accidents in Austin?

Crash victims or their surviving family members can pursue compensation for losses after an accident if they can prove:

In the case of an accident caused by a driver under the influence of prescription medication, crash victims can show that no reasonable motorist would have gotten behind the wheel when a medication affected his ability to drive.  Crash victims can also prove the driver violated impaired driving laws, which would create a presumption of negligence and make it easier to make a successful injury claim.

The Loewy Law Firm has provided legal representation to many clients after accidents caused by drivers under the influence of prescription drugs. We know what types of evidence can convince insurance companies or juries that a driver is to blame for an accident. We’ll help you to get ahold of toxicology reports, witness statements, police reports, expert witness testimony, and other evidence you need to put together the strongest possible case.

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Accidents with people on prescription drugs are often serious because the drugs can cause drivers to fall asleep, have delayed reactions, and otherwise engage in very dangerous behavior. A drugged driver may not be able to stop in time, or even slow down, before striking your vehicle head-on or at high-speeds.  You can be badly hurt, and you should be fully compensated for all financial losses as well as for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

The Loewy Law Firm will work hard to help you negotiate a settlement or pursue a claim for full compensation in a court of law.  We believe every driver has an obligation to be sober on the roads, and even prescription drug use is not acceptable if it alters the ability to drive safely.  We will fight to help you hold a driver accountable if you paid the price because of someone else’s dangerous choice to get behind the wheel while drugged.

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