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A Round Rock car accident lawyer helps car accident victims pursue a car accident claim to recover compensation for injuries and financial losses caused by other drivers. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident in Round Rock, Texas, that was caused by someone else, our Round Rock car accident lawyers can help you obtain the compensation you and your family need to cover medical treatment for your injuries and your financial losses.

Even if you don’t believe that you need an attorney’s help with your car accident claim, it is still wise to consult with an experienced Round Rock accident attorney after a car accident to ensure that your rights are protected and fault for the accident is allocated properly. Our car accident lawyers will review the facts of your case, make sure that you have taken into account all of your damages, and even hire expert witnesses and accident reconstructionists to prove that the other party was at fault.

How Can a Round Rock Accident Lawyer Help?

At Loewy Law Firm, we understand the importance of excellent and personalized legal representation after a serious car accident. We know how important it is to have an attorney and legal team dedicated to you and focused on your car accident case.

We devote our vast resources to developing a comprehensive legal strategy for each one of our clients, whether it be combing through every detail with investigators, utilizing state-of-the-art forensic analysis from leading experts, or breakthrough technologies in biomechanical engineering and other scientific fields, we will go the extra mile to expose the negligence of the at-fault party and make sure they are held accountable for your damages.

Why Choose Loewy Law Firm?

  • Our law firm is a professional team of attorneys and paralegals who will represent your interest with the consideration and commitment to excellence that you deserve.
  • We are dedicated to serving you so that you can concentrate on healing without having to worry about the legal aspects of your case.
  • All the people who work at our law firm, share the same values of care and compassion for others.
  • We want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible. We care about you and will always strive to be responsive to your concerns.
  • Most importantly, we have the experience to determine the true value of your case, and the expertise to negotiate with the liable insurance company to obtain the most compensation possible.
  • Since starting the firm in 2005, we have won millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and attorney Adam J. Loewy has been recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer for six straight years (2017 to 2022).

When Should I Contact a Round Rock Car Accident Lawyer?

Since you are reading this page, you are probably serious about recovering compensation for damages after a car accident in Round Rock, and you are looking for a qualified attorney to assist you. The sooner you contact Loewy Law Firm, the sooner we can help.

There are significant benefits to getting us involved in your car accident case as early as possible:

  1. We Can Protect You From Harming Your Case – The liable insurance company is likely to start asking you questions immediately. We can answer many of these questions for you so that you can focus on healing from your injuries, and so you do not inadvertently say something that can harm your case.
  2. We Can Make Sure You Do Not Settle For Less – The liable insurance company will all attempt to persuade you to accept an early accident settlement offer. This initial offer will usually be below what your claim is worth. If you are not being advised by a skilled Round Rock car accident lawyer, you might be convinced to settle your claim for much less than you deserve.
  3. We Can Help You Meet The Deadline For Resolving Your Claim – There are strict laws that govern how long you have to resolve your car accident claim. In Texas, you generally have two years from the date of the accident to either resolve your claim or file a lawsuit in court. Having a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Round Rock looking out for your interest can ensure that you meet this deadline and preserve your right to be compensated.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve a Round Rock Car Accident Claim?

Negotiating a settlement cannot start until after you have completed all of your medical treatment and therapy. At that point, we will request your medical records and bills. Normally that takes only a few weeks, but it can take much longer, especially if individual letters from your doctors are required.

Once we have all your medical records and bills, we will prepare a demand package and send it to the liable insurance company. Sometimes, the insurance company will respond fairly quickly, and other times the process can become lengthy, including requests for additional medical records or other information.

Once the insurance company responds, negotiations begin. You will be informed of every offer and advised as to whether we think the offer is a good one or not. But the ultimate decision to accept or reject an offer will be entirely up to you.

If the insurance company makes a fair offer that you are satisfied with, then your case will settle. But, if all attempts to negotiate an acceptable settlement are unsuccessful, your case may need to be litigated, and we will be prepared to win your case at trial.

The time and expense it takes to resolve a car accident claim cannot be generalized. Each case is different depending upon the circumstances. Some car accident cases are resolved quickly, and before they even get to court. Some must be tried in court in front of a jury, and take a long time to resolve. In either case, you will be advised as to the issues involved and the probable outcome, and you will be kept informed throughout the entire process.

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