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Austin Side Impact Crash Attorney

Side-impact accidents are one of the most common forms of a car crash. This type of collision is very dangerous because drivers and passengers have very little protection against a vehicle hitting a vehicle from the side. Passenger vehicles are built with little physical material to absorb and deflect a side impact.

How Side Impact Car Accidents in Austin Occur

Side-impact collisions, sometimes called broadside or T-bone collisions, typically occur when one car passes in front of another, causing the two cars to form a T-shape when they collide. Damage to the vehicles and injuries suffered by the occupants can vary depending on where the vehicle is hit, the speed at which the accident takes place, the type of vehicle, and the safety features on the vehicle. Often, side impact crashes occur at intersections because of one driver’s failure to yield the right of way.

Common Causes of Side Impact Collisions include

Injuries Caused by Side Impact Accidents

Every accident is different. The severity of the injuries often depends on the speed of the vehicles at the time of the collision and the maneuver the driver is performing, as well as the weight and size of the vehicles involved. Vehicles that spin, roll over, or are pushed into oncoming traffic or stationary objects can increase the severity of injuries. Newer vehicles may be equipped with side airbags that can help absorb impact and protect passengers.

Side impact accidents can commonly result in:

Compensation for an Austin Side Impact Collision

Regardless of whether you were in the turning vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation if it can be proven that liability for the car accident rests with the other driver.

Compensation for injuries can include money for:

Hire an Austin Side Impact Collision Attorney

At the Loewy Law Firm, we care about our clients and-just as important-we win for our clients. Attorney Adam Loewy works on every case we represent and is fully dedicated to helping you achieve the largest possible settlement for your injuries. We understand how the process works and we know how to build a strong case that will aggressively fight for the rights of our clients. Your case is important to us, and we take the necessary time to build a strong defense to pursue your rights.

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