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Austin Slip & Fall Accidents Attorney

Is Someone to Blame for My Accident?

Falling down after slipping or tripping may seem like an innocuous incident, but many times, such accidents could have been prevented. Property owners and businesses are responsible to protect visitors and employees from potential harm. Owners and premise managers must keep their property well-maintained and free of potential hazards, but many fail to protect the safety of their workers and patrons. If their negligent behavior leads to injury, they may be held liable for their actions. Slip & fall cases are based on the assumption that the owner’s lack of responsible effort caused the unnecessary accident that led to injury. When making such a claim, the plaintiff needs to be able to prove that their injury could have been prevented had the owner followed safety regulations to ensure the well-being of those on their premises. Slip & fall accidents can result in incredibly serious injuries. These falls lead to broken bones, back and neck injury, and even brain damage in extreme cases. The victims that suffer from owner negligence can obtain justice through the support of a personal injury lawyer.

Slip & Fall Accident Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fall fatalities occur equally between men and women. However, women are more likely to suffer non-fatal slip and fall injuries. Additionally, falls are responsible for about 5% of all work-related fatalities for women and 11% of work-related fatalities for men. Every year, 8 million emergency room visits are related to fall injuries. While fractures are one of the most serious side-effects of a fall injury, they only occur in approximately 5% of all slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents are not the primary cause of work-related fatalities, but they do account for the largest number of occupational injuries. Every year, floors and floor materials contribute to more than 2 million slip and fall accidents. If you’ve suffered because of a serious slip and fall accident, contact The Loewy Law Firm today. With the right injury lawyer on your side, you stand a better chance of getting the compensation you need.

Contact An Austin Accident Lawyer

We believe that victims of preventable accidents deserve a strong legal representative to help them fight for their rights. Our Austin law firm is committed to helping those who have been seriously injured or killed because of the wrongful acts of others and may be able to assist you as well. Much like a premises liability claim, the owner of the property where you were hurt may be liable for your injuries. We will work with you to examine all the evidence and create a detailed and forceful strategy, and support you during this physically, financially, and emotionally difficult time. Our expertise in personal injury cases enables us to provide clients with adamant and aggressive advocacy, so that they are given the best opportunity for success. If you or a loved one was hurt in a slip & fall accident, the Loewy Law Firm may be able to help you secure compensation for your injuries. There is no reason to wait; call our offices today.

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