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Austin Speeding Accident Attorney

A driver who exceeds the posted speed limit is putting life and limb at risk.  A speeding driver not only endangers himself, but also his passengers and every other motorist, pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorcycle rider on the roads.  An Austin speeding accident attorney at the Loewy Law Firm is there to help victims pick up the pieces and fight for their rights to compensation under Texas law when a speeding driver makes a dangerous choice and causes a collision to occur.

Austin Speeding Accidents Can Lead to Compensation for Victims

Exceeding the posted speed limit is an inherently dangerous activity, as well as a violation of the law. Because going too fast is a violation of a safety rule, a driver who exceeds the posted speed limit can be presumed negligent if he causes a crash to occur. This means victims of speeding collisions in Austin can make a claim without having to specifically prove the driver was more careless than a reasonable driver would have been.

If you were in a car accident and you can prove a speeding driver was directly responsible, you should be compensated for medical costs; wage losses; pain and suffering; emotional distress; and other damages.  If the speeding accident killed your relative, you should have a wrongful death claim for damages.

While a driver who exceeds the speed limit has obviously made a dangerous choice, this is not the only situation in which car crash victims can pursue a claim for compensation after an accident. Drivers who go too fast for the road conditions can also be held accountable if their car goes out of control, if they cannot stop their vehicle in time to avoid a crash, or if they otherwise cause an accident to occur.

A speeding accident attorney serving the Austin area can help those who have been involved in accidents with drivers going at an unsafe speed.  The Loewy Law Firm can subpoena records, get police reports, talk to witnesses, call in experts, and otherwise help you get the evidence you need  to show that you  were the victim of a driver’s careless choice to go too fast.

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Crashes at high speeds are more likely to cause significant injuries due to the greater force and impact of the faster car.  Brain damage, broken bones, damage to the spine, and death can all result when a high-speed accident happens.

Whenever you sustained any kind of injuries, you deserve to be “made whole” for the losses the accident caused you to endure.  The Loewy Law Firm can help you to prove the other driver was speeding and can provide you with advice and assistance as you make a claim in court or negotiate with the insurance company of the speeding driver. As soon as you were hurt in a crash with a driver you think was going too fast, give us a call so we can help you fight for the money you need and deserve.

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