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Austin Tailgating Accident Attorney

Tailgating, or trailing too closely behind another car,  is one of the most dangerous driving behaviors that a motorist can do on the road.  Drivers should leave a following distance of approximately four seconds between their vehicle and the car in front of their own. This means when the lead vehicle passes by a fixed object on the roadside, the vehicle behind it should not pass that same object for at least four seconds. If the weather is bad, a longer following distance is appropriate.

Unfortunately, too many drivers get too close.  Impatience, road rage, or a simple lack of knowledge of a safe following distance can all contribute to crashes occurring. When these crashes happen, an Austin tailgating accident attorney at The Loewy Law Firm should be consulted to provide help to the victims.

Who is Responsible for a Tailgating Accident in Austin?

Tailgating accidents are almost always rear-end crashes, which means the driver who was following too closely behind hits the back bumper of the lead vehicle.  In rear-end crash cases, there is a presumption that the driver in the rear vehicle is to blame.  The driver in the lead car, as well as any passengers, can file a claim against this rear driver and the insurance company for the rear driver should accept responsibility.

Insurance companies, however, are not always willing to assume fault even when the case is clear.  Even if the rear driver’s insurer is willing to pay out compensation to you, there may be a dispute over how much is appropriate for each victim or over how extensive the injuries and damages are.  An Austin accident attorney with experience in tailgating claims can help those who were in the front vehicle who suffered injuries or damages to prove their case and fight for full compensation.

While the tailgating driver is usually to blame because he failed to leave a safe following distance, drivers in the front vehicle can sometimes cause or contribute to accidents if they stop suddenly and abruptly without justification.  If a driver who was in the rear car believes the motorist in front was responsible for causing the crash and hurting him, this can be a very difficult case to prove. A tailgating accident attorney should be consulted early for help under these circumstances.

Getting Legal Help After an Austin Tailgating Accident

Tailgating accidents can cause serious injuries, even if the crash happened when the cars were going relatively slowly.  Whiplash and injuries to the neck and back are especially common, but are not the only type of harm can result when a tailgater makes the dangerous choice to follow too close.

An Austin tailgating accident lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to those who have been harmed. Your attorney can be your advocate and guide to assist  in proving who was responsible for the crash and how badly you were hurt.  Call The Loewy Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation with an injury lawyer who has extensive experience with tailgating collisions on Texas roads.

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