Testimonial: Loewy Law Firm Helps Man Hurt in Drunk Driving Accident

Client Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident

Adam Loewy | Top Drunk Driving Accident Attorney
Our team works hard to help our clients. We try to go above and beyond what you would expect of a law firm, and we are proud of the positive feedback we receive. This review of the Loewy Law Firm was written by a young woman whose husband was severely injured when a drunk driver crashed into his vehicle.

“My husband was injured by a drunk driver, leaving him with some serious facial, jaw, and hip injuries. Thankfully he survived the accident. He had to go through some serious surgeries immediately, had his mouth wired shut for 3 months, couldn’t speak or eat for three months besides liquids, and couldn’t walk for two months.

The best decision I made for my husband during such a critical stressful time was choosing the Loewy Law Firm. Adam Loewy took on our case and treated us with the most highly respect, and provided us with some relief. His confidence reassured me that my husband was in extremely good hands. His law firm quickly provided my husband with special equipment he needed after his release from the hospital, along with the highest medical experts, dentists, and therapist that my husband needed. Adam along with his team from day one make it so easy to talk to, always answer your questions via email or text and I love their straightforward attitude, always speaking with the truth.

In the end Adam was able to successfully negotiate through mediation and have a successful win against the drunk driver. We were able to pay off all medical expenses my husband had incurred, leaving us with some compensation to enjoy for the future. Had I chosen another lawyer to represent my husband, I most likely would not have received the same treatment, would have been in debt with all the hospital bills and would have been left feeling confused and alone throughout this whole process.

I cannot stress enough and say only the best things of Adam and his firm. I believe what makes them so successful is their passion for defending innocents people’s lives whose change in an instant. Adam loves what he does and they provide justice and defend your love one to the max. Adam and Michelle, I will forever be grateful for everything you did for my husband who is also very thankful for all the support and justice you did for us!!!”